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Ibiza worldwide | Solomun at Printworks London

From the Mediterranean to the world stage.

Although we're on the downhill slope to summer, Ibiza's clubland remains on sabbatical until early May 2020. However, the island's influence continues elsewhere in the world.

During the low season, we bring you club reviews from Ibiza favourites at other party destinations from around the globe.

Next up, we visited the cavernous Printworks facility in London's docklands for a festive knees-up.

Printworks | London | 20 December 2019

Throne secured and tucked-away at a locked (and under construction) Pacha until May, Solomun has been free to roam the planet since his epic closing party. Best believe, he's been relentless on his world conquest following another dizzying season on Ibiza.

Holding down the longest residency of the summer is one thing. Then he moves onto a tour diary thicker than his music collection. Whichever way you angle it, Solomun is one of the hardest working DJs on the international circuit.

North, Central and South America, Russia and even Saudi Arabia have all been graced by his presence after the season had ended.

London – a city known for its royalty – was next.

Despite playing at every party, after party and parties-that-weren't-meant-to-be-parties-but-turn-into-parties-when-he-turns-up, the big Bosnian selector only finds time for a handful of UK dates a year. It's no surprise, really.

Fortunately for us, he was on English soil with a four-hour exhibition and we managed to secure front-row access at London's Printworks. It was a pre-Christmas spectacle that'd take all the headlines. This was a Solomun's front page exclusive. Here's what went down.


Nothing beats the feeling that visiting a new place conjures. Whether it's at a festival, a club or a warehouse, stepping into alien territory is more mysterious than deep space exploration. This was my first taste of Printworks London. Who better to show me the way than Solomun?

The steel, the pipework, the towering balconies, the vacuous ceiling. Physically, it had that industrial charm synonymous with techno in all its gritty glory. From Detroit to Berlin via Ibiza to London, the sold out event was itched in anticipation.

In the first act, Brina Knauss was firing out the final embers of a blistering set, before handing over to Solomun, with the party bubbling to boiling point. Our headliner was ready to turn on the gas and fire-up the presses.


Expertly keeping the tone whilst moving through genres, Luis Junior's This Is Now was an early selection that rattled Printworks' metal strip. Solomun keeps his parties distinct and there was no change here.

Slicing through his four-hour billing with cuts that touched all kinds of wavelengths. House, techno, electro, progressive are all just words. Solomun was bringing a new flavour of musical ingredients, without restricting himself to one recipe.

One selection stole the show and, thanks to the world of social media, it can be relived.


Solomun was the marquee name, but he wasn't alone. Diynamic label duo Lehar and Musumeci – who themselves hold down a residency on the island at HEART Ibiza with MUSE – were on Dark Room duties.

An alternative to Printworks' mighty main dancefloor, the Dark Room provides an intimate and, you guessed it, more shadowy space to enjoy in the corner space of the repurposed venue. It was fitting to hear this Sassa's Stranger Thing's theme tune adaption on entry.

Although we knew what kind of chaos Solomun was causing next door, Printworks' Dark Room offers a cool slice of recess where partygoers can enjoy an unlit and closer atmosphere. One to make sure to step into.

Stumbling back into the endless dancefloor, the Diynamic king was entering what can only be described as Solomun Time.

Hitting every last bit of serotonin, the night peaked at the optimum point. The towering Bosnian tugged at every last piece of brain cell bliss we could muster.

David Koch's Ghost Trance had Printworks in Solomun's back pocket. Well, he was here to conquer.

It had to come to an end, but what a track to finish on. Icarus' timeless No Sleep crowned Solomun's conquest of London at Printworks.

Breaking into the crisp night air, it was now Saturday 21 December. Winter Solstice. We'd reached a turning point. The descent to summer had officially begun. Brighter days and warmer temperatures were on the horizon. The scent of Balearic soul drifted on the breeze.

We already know he's back at Pacha Ibiza for year eight of his Sunday residency. Until then.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Jake Davis

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