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The Music On marathon | Daytime into night

A complete guide to Destino and Pacha’s final two-pronged Thursday of the season.

By day; by night. We sent our clubbing interns - Hannah Starkie and Sasha Wharton - along to Destino first, followed by Pacha later for the last Music On double-header of the summer.

With the day-to-night dual venue format proving to be one of the most successful talking points of Ibiza 2019, here's how the finale panned out.

Around the clock clubbing, as definied by Marco Carola and friends.

Few DJs have the reputation of being ruler of the afterhours more than Marco Carola. Extended sets that start at night and carry on until late the next day are his calling card. However, his move to Pacha at the start of 2019 would see a flip in that dynamic.

Now with Destino at his disposal, the King of the after party would transform into the King of the pre-party - and Thursdays would become a bumper day of Music On action.

Carola's single date at Destino in summer 2018 was the venue's busiest event. Keen to bump up the party numbers this year, eventually we were lauded with ten daytime dances from May to October.

During that period, party protagonist Carola has been joined by Jamie Jones, Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna and Hot Since 82 - resulting in some very special back-to-backs. But at the Music On Daytime closing, all eyes were on special guest Carl Cox.

All the more special, as Coxy was making his debut at the venue.

With such a high calibre agenda on the cards, the crowds were expected to flock to the stunning Cap Martinet hillside hotspot. Arriving anything but early was a missed opportunity. The queue of keen clubbers down the road outside signified as much.

By day | Destino

WORDS | by Hannah Starkie

Music On Daytime offers a unique clubbing experience. It's probably one of the few places on Ibiza - maybe even Earth? - where you can sip a cocktail, admire the postcard-esque sky and listen to some of the dirtiest tech house beats known to man.

An odd combination in many ways, but this isn't your average day by the pool.

The outdoor space is perfect for the occasion. It possesses a festival-like vibe that draws us in every time. It's one thing listening to your favourite DJs in a nightclub, but it's another whilst soaking up the balmy open-air atmosphere.

Among all of the line-ups to be released this season, the Coxy edition of Music On Daytime was one that instantly caught our eye. Destined to be one of summer's defining parties, it would see two industry giants clash in the booth.

Having played back-to-back a handful of times before, we already knew that the pair had chemistry. With the evening swarming with tech heads eager to witness the coming together of two legends, it goes without saying the duo hit a home run.

Destino was treated to an abundance of bangers. Supernova's Ass On The Dancefloor definitely got every ass dancing. The funky track features ominous vocals from Chicago's Gene Farris, whilst traces of acid make it a groovy number.

T-Symmetry by Deetron is a Carl Cox go-to. We've heard this tune from him many times this summer. This time, it somehow sounded even more hedonistic by the decadent poolside. A real shut your eyes and take it in moment.

Reverting to another tech house number, we also heard Fondera's Party Like A Soldier. The distorted vocals teamed with the wobbly bassline was a real crowd-pleaser.

Day turned into night sooner than we'd have liked, but thankfully the party wasn't over. For those hungry for more, it was straight to Pacha for the next leg of the marathon - and our appetite was ravenous.

By night | Pacha

WORDS | by Sasha Wharton

Compared to Destino, Pacha provided a more traditional clubbing affair. After all, the Pacha franchise posseses more than 50 years of clubbing expertise, earning itself the status of Ibiza institution.

What Pacha doesn't know about partying probably isn't worth knowing.

We only have to look how it has accommodated Music On and made a rebranded success of it, to know that. By keeping the production simple, the party places music at the centre – exactly how it should be.

Straight from Destino, people's stamina was impressive - even if some of us were a little fresher faced than others. Regardless, sharing the same frame of mind, everybody seemed ready for round two.

Rising stars from the Bronx - Jesse Calosso and Jean Pierre - got the ball rolling over in Pacha for the second segment of the 13-hour rollover with some bouncy tech house beats.

Further down the line, it was once again time for Coxy to shine. Sticking to his usual bass-filled repertoire, the beloved Carl Cox sampled old and new throughout his killer performance, leaving jaws dropped and arms in the air.

The general style characterising his selections rested between grumbling bass and high-speed hi-hats.

By 02:30, Marco Carola entered the booth and the pair combined efforts once more with a second b2b to remember. Exercising unparalleled dexterity, Carola and Cox spun in and out of house and techno realms.

As usual, Carola finished things off single-handedly and leaned towards a slightly lighter and groovier set of tunes to see us to the end. Marathon complete. We headed home for a long overdue bath and soak those weary muscles.

Whether we were watching the sun set over Destino or the lasers attacking the crowd in Pacha, Music On partygoers got to experience a journey of music in different, yet complementing environments.

Whilst it's the music matters most, it's always nice to party in sumptuous surroundings. Throughout the marathon, those with the determination to see both venues through to close did just that.

After the bold move to Pacha this year, many didn't know what to expect. But week after week there was a new place to be on Thursdays this season. Marco Carola has proudly established Pacha his new home.

Although Destino's party calendar may have drawn to an end already, there's still a chance to stomp to Carola's musical sorcery at Pacha.

The Music On double closing on 10 and 11 October takes place on Thursday and Friday of this week - another marathon to get absorbed in. Part one sees Carola grace the main room all night long, while he be joined by Paco Osuna and Serge Devant for part two the following night.

To be a part of the Music On marathon one last time this summer, head below to secure your tickets. As for the day-to-night Music On double header, we're sure it will be back in 2020.

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