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Dissecting Dixon all night long

Transmoderna’s closing party at Pacha on Friday 4 October.

Following years of insisting he had no desire of entertaining an Ibiza residency, Dixon pulled a U-turn in 2019. The Innervisions label boss - already highly regarded as a luminary within the industry - had seemingly found the right place and right time for such a project.

That venue was Pacha. The time was Friday nights. The concept was Transmoderna.

From the very beginning, it has been clear that Transmoderna's biggest selling point was its impeccably crafted soundtrack. With Dixon at the helm each week and calling on a conveyor belt of acclaimed underground stars, it was always going to titillating.

Arguably, it even surpassed our expectations.

The closing party itself - an all night long offering from our host - promised to be the culmination of the journey from the last 19 instalments.

Taking you through the night from our arrival to lights up, here's the best of the music from the fabled closing party on Friday 4 October.


After being stuck in the queue for what seemed like an eternity - but was in reality only a few minutes - we burst into the venue. This was the first track that told us we were in Dixon's safe hands. Featuring those tribal pads he loves at this point in proceedings.


Creating a sense of foreboding with its eerie elements, this next track would lead us straight into Dixon phantasmical Transmoderna land. Featuring echoes of that vintage 80s sound he loves to play. Spaced out and dramatic.


Musumeci is an artist that Dixon has long since supported - and his latest atmospheric production felt right at home at this stage of the night.


Manipulating lasers and presenting a unique visual identity that was often androgynous in nature, Dixon has succeeded in transporting attendees to an entirely different world. That enforced this selection being a particularly apt piece of music.


Leaving nothing unturned as he crafted the night to his own fautless standard, this was the next stepping-stone on the path to euphoria.


As we hit peak-time - and peak numbers - energy levels spiked in the club. Dixon was all too willing to inject renewed vigour just as we needed the impetus with this club-focused weapon.


Dixon continued to support music from the keinemusik camp throughout Transmoderna's debut run. This haunting vocal tugged at the heartstrings to deliver a moment of dance floor reflection. We clutched chests as we swayed.


Plodding with malevolent intent, the dance floor stirred with unease and which direction Dixon was taking us with this dark number.


One from an Innervision's comrade. Poignant, seeing as they would almost certainly be tears come lights-up. Looking around us, there was no indication of sorrow - only eyes-closed, beaming moments of dance floor bliss.


Whilst it wasn't quite the final track of the night, we would've gone home happy if it had been. Dixon underlining his dedication to being a music ambassador by playing a track from electro-pop outfit Hot Chip. Simply the right choice of record the moment called for.

The fact that Transmodern was not hailed an instantly success is no slight on the artist, but purely underlines how hard a clubbing destination Ibiza is to crack - regardless of your stature. In spite of the challenges, Dixon never compromised on his bold artistic vision.

A slow burner, by the end of the 20-week run that tunnel-vision had paid off.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Michael Tomlinson

Musical taste is subjective - there's no right, and there's no wrong. But if we were to renege on those principles, it's pretty clear cut: this is a party for the purists.

We make Transmoderna muso's choice.

Maybe Transmoderna was a one-time deal? Maybe Dixon only ever saw it as a short-term project? But we sincerely hope that it returns in 2019.

Neither Music On nor Solomun+1 were sell-out events in their first season. These things take time, but Dixon has thrown the gauntlet down at the door of the reigning champions.

The all night long at the closing party sent the message that there are few selectors better in the game. Stay tuned to our magazine feed to find all the news for Ibiza 2020.

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