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Final workout session for BODYWORKS

Cardio-vascular exercise with CamelPhat, Solardo, FISHER and co. at Hï Ibiza.

BODYWORKS has been the runaway success story of Ibiza 2019. That much is clear. Two of Eric Prydz's former understudies came together to more than fill the Tuesday void in the wake of his departure. In retrospect, has not missed him at all.

Rathermore, it showed shrewd foresight to build-up CamelPhat and Solardo under his tutelage last summer, before handing them the reins. They have excelled as unlikely faces of a party many thought they weren't yet big enough for. The doubters have been slain.

Teamwork makes the dream work - CamelPhat b2b Solardo at BODYWORKS closing

Equally, we cannot discount the impact of FISHER's arrival. Next door in the club room, the Aussie showman has had his room buckling under the strain. The Losing It star has shown that - in the right hands - that floor is as good as any on the island.

BODYWORKS has been packed out week-in, week-out. Even the nine-week threat of RESISTANCE and the ever-present, long-established Together had little to no detrimental effect.

We joined the hordes to work up a sweat one last time, to move Hï's dance floor's and close down Tuesday nights in fashion.

Picking-out one track per act, here's our highlights from the epic closing party. Put on your gym gear and get ready to race!

Clockwise, starting top-left: CamelPhat, Solardo, Enzo Siragusa and FISHER

Del-30 | tHE THEATRE

Being the opening act on the bill can sometimes be a thankless task. Fortunately for Del-30, the crowds had arrived promptly for the BODYWORKS closing. It was just reward for a DJ readying to break into the big time.

Pulling classic Oliver Dollar from the vaults, Del-30 gave the young audience a dose of education without compromising on the entertainment factor.

Enzo Siragusa | The Theatre

Anyone who thought Enzo Siragusa might curb his style for the occasion was sorely mistaken. It might be one of the higher profile parties he's put his name to, but it was business as usual for Enzo.

We were treated to plenty of material from the two recent A Decade Of Rave albums and the wider FUSE community, but it was this particularly filthy track towards the end of the set that was our highlight.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our Enzo Siragusa interview - coming soon.

Paul Reynolds | The Wild Corner

In the Wild Corner, things were no less lively in the capable hands of Paul Reynolds. Hï's resident toilet disco dweller often creates such an energy in the bathroom, he gives us an excuse to go for a comfort break.

On this occasion, it was the temptation of both main rooms calling that kept us from jiving in the cubicle longer.

Solardo (b2b CamelPhat) | The Theatre

An increasing heartbeat is the sign of a good workout, and Solardo had our BPM doing somersaults with this pulse-racing track from Sidney Charles and Moon Harbour records.

After that, a trip outside to the magic garden was needed to cool down and fill our lungs with the fresh night air. Once we caught our breath, it was back into the furnace to continue with the exercise regime.

FISHER | Club Room

FISHER is a modern-day phenomenon within dance music. Accelerating out of nowhere, he has become hot property in next to no time at all. All the more impressive was the fact that he only debuted on Ibiza last year.

For the closing party, he had given himself the task of tackling the night solo with an all night long set. Pumping some serious iron, the Oz showman was the proverbial puppeteer - pulling the strings of the of entire club room dance floor. Impressive gains.

CamelPhat (b2b Solardo) | The Theatre

With beads rolling down our brow, we were wary that we were about to hit a wall. Certainly, we were beginning to feel clammy under the collar. At this stage of a workout, it's important to power through.

Short-term pain, for long term gain. We knew we'd be feelin' good for persevering. What is perspiration, but an indicator of hard work? We took the opportunity to head to the bar for a bottle of water. It's important to stay hydrated and replace fluid lost in sweat.

Exhausted, but feeling in tip-top shape, we completed the BODYWORKS workout. Congratulations! Applause must also be reserved for CamelPhat, Solardo and FISHER. The debut season couldn't have gone better.

Now, it's time for a well-deserved rest. We'll be back at the start of 2020's season, rearing to go and match whatever the BODYWORKS team throw at us.

In the meantime, you can relive the summer by putting on the dedicated party playlist below or subscribing to our Spotify channel:

BODYWORKS may be finished for 2019, but you can check-out the remainder of Hï Ibiza's calendar on our party calendar.

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