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Who Cares? unveils first night at Cova Santa

First installment of the no dress code, no line-up announcement, no frills party.

With no line-up announcement or hint as to what genre we would be raving to, this party was like stepping into the musically unknown. The hillside venue of Cova Santa was the only clue for Who Cares?

What we found was fresh underground artists, raw techno beats and plenty of good vibes. Here is our low-down of this mysterious event.

the charming venue

As free spirits, we roamed every square foot of the venue. Having been before I was hesitant if I could be as surprised or infatuated as I was on my first hillside party. I was certainly proven wrong.

We explored the boutique stalls of local craftsmen brought to the hills by the Ethereal team. It was a complete boho affair. The partnership with Ethereal brings a unique aspect to a standard club night, indulging us in arts and culture.

Making our way around each level and hidden retreat of Cova Santa, we could not but be completely enchanted by the setting. With expansive views of the rolling hills, urbanisation seemed a forgotten memory.

As we danced later on in the night, the charm of the Ethereal team's arts infusion struck again. The talented Behzad Behpour created art in front of our eyes as we soaked up every beat. Painting an abstract piece onto a life-size canvas, he eventually took the paint to one of the dancers.

Angelic dancers laced in white robes clashed with showmen crowned with stone Aztec face pieces. It was mad but truly in the spirit of Who Cares? No set stage decoration, no dress code, no conformity.

The theme was simply the ravers - their lives, their woes and their reasons for dancing.

The friendly Atmosphere

Huts draped in soft carpets and cushions became a perfect chill-out zone for music lovers to connect under the stars.

There was a real prominent feeling of passion for music, which is what this mysterious party aimed to do - to draw out only the most switched on ears of the scene who dared to take on the unknown.

In the shadow of the stage, the intimate crowd invited us to join them on letting our bodies run free with the rhythm. Not one soul would ever be made to feel left out in a united atmosphere like this.

The Music Uncovered…

As the mysterious line-up was unveiled, we uncovered some incredible talents of the industry. Both known DJs and new names to my ears - always a nice combination - were onboard for this first event.

Catching Adam Port playing under the dark skies was a pleasure. He took us on a progressive journey through his career and multiple genres leading up to techno. These mixed influences bring a unique style and sophistication to his sound.

Blending wispy overlays with steady techno beats that pulsated through the hillside rocks, he captured the relaxed, free spirit essence of the evening through his music.

Picking up the pace, Israeli duo Red Axes was warmly received by the crowd. I was familiar with a couple of recordings from the pair and their eclectic style, so how would they shape up on a live set?

The answer is very, very well. Pops of cultural influences burst out of straight house beats but they had much more in store for us as the set progressed. To define their sound into a one-word genre would be impossible.

We had deep oriental infused tech-house with original track Ho Chi Min. Like the surrounding dancers, I was sold on the groovy bass line of this track from the off.

Another highlight track for me was Groove Armada's But I Feel Good. With upbeat reggaeton vibes flushed out by dipping into garage beats, it certainly kept the sporadic momentum going.

The Red Axes boys were completely immersed in the sounds that their fingertips were controlling, their love and energy infectiously leaked onto us dancers below.

As the clock struck midnight, the open-air dance floor ceased. It was time to take this party underground. Down into the basement club, things were about to get even more tech.

Trikk took us into the deep, dark depths of minimalist electro. Consistent down-tempo beats with zorbing sounds of distorted synth got hands in the air and toes tapping.

With the party atmosphere still very much alive, I found myself slowing drifting into Trikk's underground vortex and loving every moment of it.

With the live art and dancers, this felt like a full-blown sensory hallucination if I ever did see one.

Who Cares? then left us in the capable hands of stylish techno queen Sita Abellan. A pioneer of true underground, she brought a futuristic flair to the decks, playing true techno through and through with glimmers of new wave in her sound.

The remaining dancers fell into a dreamy techno bliss.

For this party, I cannot direct you to line-ups or flashy advertising campaigns. I can simply share with you my enchanting experience and the advice that this party is worth diving into the unknown.

Tickets can be found below. Are you willling to dance into the unknown?

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