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Rudimental & Friends smash opening at Ibiza Rocks

All about the opening party.

On one of the hottest days of the summer so far, Rudimental turned the heat up even more. Rudimental & Friends smashed their opening party at Ibiza Rocks in what turned out to be a sell-out event.

As we arrived, the queue out the door was just the first sign that Ibiza Rocks was the place to be this afternoon. And, as we entered the poolside, we could see why.

The venue was packed and even the pool was rammed full of melting revellers attempting to cool down in the 34°C heat. The atmosphere was booming and Barely Legal was setting the mood nicely behind the decks.

As we grabbed a drink, Bicep's Glue - one of my all-time favourite songs – was belting from the sound system making the perfect start to my night. I happily sipped my drink and basked in the baking sun whilst soaking up the tunes.

As a bit of a self-confessed garage music fan, I was even happier when Barely Legal changed up the mood for something a little heavier with Gunman's 187 Lockdown. And, it seemed like the crowd were on my level, too.

The eerie sound of Foundation by Nocturnal Sunshine was an unusual selection. However, the darker tone was a welcome change along with the period of heavier beats that Barely Legal was putting out.

We had a brief appearance from Buskin and DJ Policy from 18:20 to 18:30 who got the crowd geared up ready for Rudimental - as if they weren't already raring enough.

Opening with their newest song with The Martinez Brothers named Sitigawana, it was a solid start from the collective. The clever collaboration has nailed this one.

If you have ever needed a more summer sounding tune, look no further than this track. I assume we'll be hearing a lot of it over the season.

An explosive moment was their rendition of the dance classic Freed From Desire by GALA. The people that were watching from inside the pool went wild making a huge splash, flinging water everywhere. It was a wonder there was any water left in the pool by the end of the song.

Mid-way through the track, Rudimental's Locksmith took a break from the DJ booth to spray the crowd with bottles of fizz in true celebratory fashion. He gifted one lucky girl at the front of the crowd the rest of the bottle before heading back to finish the song.

A tune from a few summers ago but still sounding as good was This Girl by Kungs & Cookin' On 3 Burners.

At this point, a member of Rudimental appeared with a trumpet to play along to the song. He filled the pool with those impressive trumpet sounds that are synonymous with Rudimental's style.

FISHER's You Little Beauty was a track I didn't recognise, but it stood up to the occasion. The crowd loved this hot new tech house track as its funky drop hit.

Being a big Rudimental fan back in my teens, the highlight of the set for me was Rudimental's Not Giving In. It brought back the nostalgia of bygone festivals and gigs with my friends. This was another one that emptied the pool of water as people went mad for it.

As the set came to an end it was time for Rocks' resident Patrick Nazemi to take over and continue the fun and good vibes.

Overall, it was a powerful opening party from the Rudimental boys. Their set was strong and filled with all the hits we know and love, as well as some surprises. They proved their longstanding ability to control the crowd and put on a show. They certainly did themselves proud.

To witness the fun for yourself, get down to the Rudimental & Friends pool party every Thursday until 29 August. Scroll down for more info and tickets.

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