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New Aero flight service connects Ibiza to Mykonos

Flying direct between both islands is now easy and hassle-free.

A brand new direct flight from Ibiza to Mykonos is being launched with the Aero inter-island shuttle service for those that want to experience the delights of both of the popular party destinations.

The new pop-up service will be running for a limited period, taking off three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 16 July to 20 August this year.

Relax in comfort and style aboard the premium semi-private Aero jets

Now, travellers who want to be able to experience both places can do so without the need to run to catch connecting flights in multiple airports.

For musicians who regularly work in both locations, the new service will also assist in them getting to summer show dates unhassled and worry-free with flights arriving in as little as three hours.

A one-way flight starts at around €650, compared with around €20,000 for the cost of hiring a private jet - currently the only other option available.

Passengers can enjoy a premium and seamless semi-private travel experience in top style on one of Aero's 16-seater jets, arriving at their destination unruffled and ready to go.

Each jet offers a spacious cabin and complimentary snacks and drinks, indeed everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing flight that's as stress-free as possible.

With Aero connecting the two islands, no one may never have to miss a party again and travellers can enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of both islands within the same holiday.

Jaimee Zullo, head of community at Aero, comments: “Lack of access to direct, affordable flights keeps a majority of people from participating in the vibrant music scene and beautiful landscapes of Ibiza and Mykonos.”

For an easy way to enjoy the splendour of both Ibiza and Mykonos, check out this great new service from Aero today.

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