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East End Dubs returns to Ibiza

One of the key players of last season is back for a winter party at B12 Club this Saturday.

The enigmatic East End Dubs from London is back on Ibiza to grace the decks of B12 Club this Saturday 8 December. It is a big name for a big party during a low season that keeps on growing on the Balearic party calendar.

During the 2018 season, the reserved artist played at the most important clubs of the island, thus becoming a member of a select group of DJs and producers on Ibiza.

This time around he will play his groovy underground sound for the same brand that started his love affair with the Mediterranean clubland: the Capaldi Rebels.

We are expecting rebellious craziness and pure magic from this night, moving from the sunny spaces of Benimussa Park to winter mode at the popular low-season venue.

East End Dubs began his love story with the decks 15 years ago when he started DJing, engaging on his endless quest for the perfect vinyl and sound. He was aiming to create something unique, a specific identity as an artist that would make him stand out from the rest.

No need to say, he succeeded, with the breakthrough arriving in 2012 when he became a must-see for all lovers of a groovy tech house sound mixed with electronic elements.

This artist is deeply connected with the London clubbing landscape and has that dark and alternative aura so characteristic of the East London scene from which he takes his name.

His productions are always at the top of the selling charts, and his label Eastenderz releases only vinyl - respect for that.

His mesmerizing sets - in which he fuses groovy tech minimal sound, enticing drums machines and hypnotic loops that sometimes reach psychedelic shores - are able to transport people to the gritty and obscure basements of East London. This clubbing experience will sharpen your wits.

We celebrate his return to the White Isle with this interview to unveil some of his secrets and explain why he loves and respects the unique Ibiza. Even though the summer is behind us, the rebellious love of the island for top-notch music continues.

When was your first gig in Ibiza and where was it?

It was six years ago. Ash from Rebels approached me, said he really liked my music and invited me to his night on the island. Things took off after that year for me.

You have played almost everywhere on Ibiza. What do you like about each club/party, how is the atmosphere different and do you have a favourite Ibiza club?

I was lucky enough to play practically all the clubs on the island this year. Amnesia, DC10, Sankeys, Privilege, Eden, Benimussa Park were all pretty impressive.

I think all the clubs have a different identity about them. Amnesia is all about the Terrace for me and early morning sets can be very special. DC10 has a similar vibe on its Terrace with an exceptional sound system. Benimussa Park has a great outdoor space, which is very rare on the island. And I love the Sankeys Basement, with its low ceiling, serious sound and dark room.

You also played with Carl Cox at DC10. How was it to play with Coxy?

It was the highlight of the year for me. Such a privilege to play with the man! Not to forget that incredible DC10 Terrace sound system to which I gave a proper workout!

What was the most memorable moment of your summer on Ibiza?

The closing parties! I missed two flights and only managed to get back home after three days.

Does Ibiza feel special for you and why?

My year starts in May with the opening parties. I shape my music for Ibiza throughout the year and go there to showcase pretty much what is coming up next. It is a big stage to show new things. The crowd is honest and you get an instant reaction to your music.

What is your favourite spot to relax on Ibiza?

The north of the island is stunning and muy tranquillo, a great change from the rest of the island.

Where do you go when you go out on Ibiza? And where do you like to party?

There is so much to do on the island. A simple walk by the sea makes me happy and gets rid of any anxiety. If I have time, I like to go to the beach, somewhere nice and quiet. Also, I like to visit my favourite restaurants when I can.

I don't have a specific place for partying. It can be anywhere DC10, Underground or even an after-hours can turn out to be an amazing place to party on the island.

What do you have planned for 2019? Anything on Ibiza and any new releases coming out soon?

We were approached by three different brands so far. It's still early days for Ibiza but will all take shape by January.

I have just done the last release of the year on my label. I am taking a step back from releasing music next year. I have a couple of big EPs coming on two major labels and that will probably be it.

This doesn't mean I don't produce anymore; in fact, I produce more music now than ever, but I want to keep the music for myself for now. I don't think releasing music makes sense at the moment. Things may change but that's how I feel currently.

Your label publishes only vinyl. Why is that?

This has recently changed: Eastenderz will be available for streaming by the end of the year. You will not be able to download the music, but the back catalogue can be streamed. We had to much demand from the fans asking how they could listen to the Eastenderz catalogue and we have decided to add the catalogue on Spotify.

I think everyone knows my love for vinyl now. It's analogue: you can touch it, smell it, feel it. It's not the same with digitally released music. It makes me happy when the postman arrives with the box of vinyl. I also don't like the way digital music is being sold at the moment. Your release gets lost the day it's been released.

I hear that you are working on a new live performance. Can you tell us about that?

I am recording lots of texture sounds for my project, which I'll be revealing next year, combining natural sounds with analogue instruments. It's exciting, something different. I have spent a lot of time on the preparation of this and there is another year to go. Also, it's a lot faster and techno.

In what direction is your music going? Should we expect something different in the future?

I am always developing my sound. New ideas come from experience. I try different things and take that idea back to the studio, shape it and try it again. Technology changes. Clubs change their sound systems and chemicals are also changing.

I prefer to adapt my sound to these changes as I go along. For example, I am using more and more analogue gear like modular synths at the moment and new instruments come out every week. Some of these instruments can instantly change things in your production.

How do you select what you play in your set?

I update my music weekly. The music is there, but people give me the direction of what to play on the night. I like to arrive half an hour before my set to observe the crowd and understand the sound system.

I don't like to go there two or three hours before my set, as it can also change my mood. I like to test the crowd with a few different key tracks I have prepared specially and take it from there.

What do you think of the current music scene and who are your favourite artists?

So much new music is coming out at the moment, which isn't a really good thing because it makes digging much harder. Unfortunately, there is no quality control over digital music. You can literally upload a seven-minute kick loop and release it.

This is where the problem starts: kids releasing music that is not ready to be put out yet. As there is a cost for pressing, vinyl labels are trying to be more selective with their catalogues.

Also, there is no originality or identity, which are the key elements I look for. I don't like people doing the same thing as I do. I have done that.

I want to hear something I have not heard. A few artists are doing this right now. Lizz from Romania, for example. With so little experience on the dance floor, he is producing such a mature sound.

Why do you produce only house and techno? Are you ever curious to explore different aspects of electronic music?

Not at this stage. I respect all sort of music but prefer to specialise on a single thing and be good at it.

What can we expect from you this Saturday at Capaldi Rebels at B12?


So, ladies and gentlemen, you hear the man, his story, his philosophy and what you should expect from his return to the magic island.

The temperatures have dropped, so it is time to turn up the heat, dancing your butts off on a fine dance floor. We most certainly shall be.

It all starts at 23:00 this Saturday 8 December at B12 Club. Head here for more info.

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