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Ushuaïa and MAAC go WILD for a good cause

Playa d'en Bossa's super open-air club delivers a benefit party with a conscience.

We were thrilled when it was announced that Ushuaïa and Musicians Against Animal Cruelty (MAAC) were getting together to throw a mega charity event. Perhaps most surprising was the line-up that they managed to assemble for the fund raiser.

Adam Beyer back-to-back Ida Engberg, Black Coffee b2b Bedouin, DJ Sneak, Tiga and MAAC ambassador Art Department b2b with last-minute addition Jamie Jones. Wow! Easily one of the most star-studded of the entire season.

This stellar group of artists joined forces to help wildlife around the globe. Whilst they donated their fees, this didn't stop them from playing some of the best music that we've heard all summer.

How could we miss something on this scale - especially for such a worthy cause? We would be there at all costs. Helping endangered species and listening to some of the very best DJs in the world - what more could you ask for?

It was a glorious September day when we arrived and started our evening listening to the final selections of Tiga. The Canadian was banging some excellent electronic sounds, a fantastic warm up from the acclaimed producer and label owner.

Beautiful visuals displayed on the stage accompanied his set. The scene depicted animals in their natural habit, reminding us in style, the reason for us being there. After Tiga finished, it was time then for the first b2b of the day.

The blonde twosome from Sweden, the very tall Adam Beyer and his beautiful wife Ida Engberg were up next.

Techno's power couple unleashed a solid set, consisting of hard bass and heavy distortion. We were already enjoying ourselves when one of the hits of the - and winner of a DJ Award for track of the season - exploded, and we truly started to lose our minds.

As a white tiger passed by, the sound switched to tech house with dreamy effects.

For the final track, they dropped a remix of Prodigy's Narayan. The mystical lyrics Umm Naman Narayanna repeated over and over, like in an ancient ritual echoing from a far away land.

Elephants marched across the screens as the next duo arrived on stage. Directly from DC10, it was time for Art Department b2b Jamie Jones. The tempo was about to turn again.

Crunchy, funky beats from the duo meant we continued dancing into the night as darkness fell. One track after the other, they delivered a dirty, sexy sound we have come to expect from them.

Some hard hitting statistics about mankind's negative impact on wildlife rolled across the screens. It was a stark reminder of how we are often guilty of neglecting our planet and how we must do better.

The figures listed were staggering. Appallingly, thousands of primates sold illegally as pets, millions of sharks killed by fishermen's nets as collateral damage and rhinos being poached for their ivory. Amid all the fun on the dance floor, it made us contemplative of our tragic stupidity.

A ball of fire engulfed the air while Roger Sanchez met the DJs as they dropped their last bomb, MyMyMy by Armand Van Helden.

As we approached the last b2b of the evening, the music again turned in a different direction when Black Coffee and Bedouin took the stage. We were certain they were going to deliver.

Playing magic ethnic music from start to finish, we were lifted away, finding ourselves transported to exotic and colourful parts of the world. Nature and ancient cultures spoke through the music. It was highly appropriate considering the occasion.

The music got a lot harder in the final part of the set, with the odd deep and melodic sound thrown in for good measure. Veering towards techno realms, it crossed into native sounds from Africa and Nordic European elements.

The finish line was in sight and our feet went into frenzied mode for the last leg. Finally, it was time for Art Department to thank everyone for their support - a great turn out to promote this important issue.

Ushuaïa, MAAC and the Night League did a great job of raising awareness of the issues facing our planet, as well as raising lots of invaluable funds in the process.

A worthy cause captured the imagination of Ibiza's clubbing community with a wondrous party that brought people closer together as a voice for the voiceless.

Animal cruelty and wreckless human behaviour must stop before our planet loses any more species. Yesterday at Ushuaïa, whilst we danced all night long, we hoped for a brighter future for our beloved furry friends.

PS. it's worth mentioning that we also learnt that the waiters donated all of their tips to charity as well. Well done, guys!

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