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A look ahead at Cocoon Room 2 at Pacha

Still plenty more to come from Pacha's new alternative dance floor with Cocoon.

Cocoon is an institution that has etched itself in the Ibiza clubbing history books. While its much talked about move from Amnesia to Pacha was initially met with scepticism, the change has proved more than successful adding a new nuance to the Cocoon experience.

Always placing the music at the forefront, the party prides itself on giving more time on the decks to its DJs and creative freedom to the artists in both rooms.

Also raising questions beforehand, Pacha's refurbishment has brought on welcome changes. One of our favourites is the new Room 2. Coupled with the banging Room 1, this space adds a whole new nuance to the clubbing experience. The cherries are rocking harder than ever.

The revamped room - what used to be the Pachacha - provides clubbers with an ideal space away from the madness of the main room but with the same stellar music. Surrounded by comfy sofas and lounge areas, it is the ultimate chillout spot where you can catch your breath or have a different dance at the same party.

Sonja Moonear, Shonky and special all-night-long sets from Carl Craig and Cassy have already graced the second Pacha room – and there are still many more special nights to come.

Here's a preview of the Cocoon Room 2 goodness still to happen this season.

Keeping it in the family

Cocoon has been a breeding ground of some of the world's finest electronic music talent. Huge names like Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice and Marco Carola have all been a part of the label's dominating rise in the techno scene.

It's no surprise that Papa Sven and co have been showcasing impressive up-and-coming DJs in Pacha's new second room.

German melodic techno meteorite Dana Ruh has featured twice already this year – including a special all-night-long set. Expect plenty of soul and Cocoon-infused groove in her two slots still to come this season on 15 August and at the closing on 3 October.

Dorian Paic is another who has been rocking Wednesday nights at Pacha. His on-point selection and lengthy mixing style provide a welcoming melody to the dance floor. He plays in both rooms on 12 September on a bill that features Ricardo Villalobos and Sonja Moonear.

The back-to-backs

Dyed Soundorom and Shonky take over Room 2on 29 August whilst Sven and Peggy Gou lead the way in the Room 1. The slick French duo will be bringing that distinctive Apollonia sound to Pacha.

Shonky is more than enthusiastic about playing there: ”The brand new Room 2 is an intimate area with a great sound system. You can go deep in the music you want to play! It's also a meeting point for season workers in Ibiza, leading loads of people you know to the dance floor, and it feels good."

Wednesday 22 August brings an evening to discover up-and-coming Cocoon talent with Martyné and Bodin&Jacob going back-to-back while Sven Väth and Ilario Alicante headline the Room 1.

DeWalta and Cristi Cons already joined together in Room 2 last Wednesday where the alternative Pacha dance floor provided itself as a place of relief on this night as Sven went on for the full-night next-door. The season is in full swing.


Having already ripped-up Cocoon this season, Cassy gets a second bite of the cherry with another special all-night-long in Room 2 on 5 September. The fiery selector has a rich history with Ibiza and Cocoon – and it's still growing.

Parisian craftsman D'Julz brought eclecticism to Cocoon on 18 July. He was impressed:

"It's the perfect place to play deeper music and that has managed to preserve the original Pacha vibe. The room is also a great place have a party amongst friends and familiar faces on the island."

Queen of minimal tINI flexes her muscles on 26 September with Julian Perez providing support. The German DJ and producer is no stranger to Ibiza. Her tINI and The Gang residency has become a pilgrimage for those seeking rolling techno and house delights.

Einzelkind, Traumer, Markus Fix, Digby and André Galluzzi are also pencilled in to rock Room 2 this season.

Cocoon is continuing to hang strongly amongst the big hitters in the Ibiza club scene this season. Its cult following from around the world is forever growing and every night is just as special as the last.

Room 2 at Pacha has been embraced on the island. 2018 was a year of new beginnings at a club with a rich heritage on the island. Cocoon is more than enriching it.

See below for full details of what's happening the rest of the season at Pacha with Cocoon, every Wednesday until 3 October.

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