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Sizzling tunes and snaps from HOT opening at Eden

Fiery fresh new party kicked off its season with smoking sets in Eden this past Thursday.

Thursday nights at Eden have just got a whole lot hotter - and I'm not just talking summer climate. The newest party to take up residence at the San Antonio super club, HOT brings big room beats to club crazy crowds to spice up any holidaymaker's Ibiza trip.

With Hot Tunes boss FANTOME hosting as a resident, you can expect the season to be filled with plenty of unforgettable moments. Talk about an ideal club land destination after a session on the West End for any sizzling tune-hungry clubber.

The opening saw FANTOME joined by Futuristic Polar Bears, Fully Charged and Known Disaster. Topping the bill, dance music legend Eddie Halliwell was the first of the superstar DJs to grace the booth this season.

Check out below for some shots and tunes from the HOT opening party.

As midnight struck, the Eden dance floor filled up with excited San Antonio clubbers ready for an evening of banging tunes and arms-in-the-air moments.

Futuristic Polar Bears going deep into the mix, blending the classic French touch vocal of Drop The Pressure by Mylo with a tribal banger Cobra. Nice!

Gorgeous dancers struck poses raising the heat in the club as high octane synths pounded through Eden's VOID sound system.

Eddie Halliwell stepped onto the stage, going in with some hot and heavy beats in the form of Cirez D dancefloor heater The Accuser.

More hands-in-the-air moments as Halliwell mixed in new age trance banger Pitchblende.

Eddie bringing in the ultimate remix of Ibiza club classic Cafe Del Mar.

It seems clear that HOT will be bringing the heat to Eden every Thursday until 6 September with a many huge DJs taking up duties at this fresh party bonanza.

See below to find out when top talent the likes of Judge Jules, Luca Testa, Abel the Kid, Jenil, Ducka Shane, DJ Kone & Mark Palacios, BLVCKR and many others will be shaking San Antonio this summer.

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