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The music of RESISTANCE opening 2018

Firing on all cylinders, the ten biggest tracks from Privilege's Tuesday night underground extravaganza are here.

With its futuristic, space-age branding and festival stage sized line-ups, RESISTANCE made quite the impact during its first season on Ibiza in 2017. This year it's back as big as ever.

The unmitigated success of Ultra's underground division last year felt like Privilege had finally found a promoter capable of filling the expansive capacity of both rooms. Its presence was pivotal in awakening the sleeping giant.

This time around it's back with renewed vigour - boasting no less than 15 heavyweight headliners across all nine dates. With Global Ambassador Carl Cox onboard as well, RESISTANCE mean business in vying for that uber competitive Tuesday night slot.

Last season's flagbearers Sasha & Digweed return - locked-in exclusively as a tandem. Meanwhile, scene giants Seth Troxler and Loco Dice joined them in headlining the main room whilst shape-shifting Paul Woolford also made a cameo.

Over in the Vista - dubbed Terrace for Tuesday nights - Dutchman Joris Voorn, wonderkid Charlotte de Witte and UK duo Dense & Pika made sure things were interestingly split across both rooms.

With RESISTANCE matching incredible underground music with mass appeal big production, this was a night all about the spectacle.

We picked out the ten biggest tracks from the opening party. Here is the sound of RESISTANCE Ibiza 2018.

The Ten Tracks that made resistance opening

Played by Paul Woolford | Main Room | 00:00 - 01:00

Woolford pulled the short straw by being given a quick opening set of the night. As the crowds began to arrive, it was this number that set the night on its path.

Played by Dense & Pika | Terrace | 23:30 - 01:30

It may have been relatively early doors, but Dense & Pika held little back. This recent one coming from their own Kneaded Pains imprint.

Played by Dense & Pika | Terrace | 23:30 - 01:30

Fair to say that this one has been a favourite in the Ibiza Spotlight office since the start of the season, so it was great to hear it played out in a packed-out Vista. It proves once again that D+P are more than capable of taking a more melodic turn when the mood requires.

Played by Joris Voorn | Terrace | 01:30 - 03:30

If there were any question as to which direction Joris would swing in following Dense & Pika, this track proved there would be no immediate dip in tempo.

Played by Sasha & John Digweed | Main Room | 01:00 - 03:00

Three years old already? Hearing it boomed out on that enormous Funktion1 sound system sounded oh so right. Still sounding fresh and making smiles contagious.

Played by Sasha & John Digweed | Main Room | 01:00 - 03:00

Acid vibes courtesy of Hungarian production supremo Jay Lumen. Sitting alongside tracks from the likes of Thomas Schumacher, Josh Wink and Anja Schneider it just felt right, as the dance floor hit peak-time.

Played by Charlotte de Witte | Terrace | 03:30 - Close

Back in Vista, Charlotte de Witte was spoiling the crowds with her functional brand of techno. Stomping galore as she headed into fifth gear.

Played by Charlotte de Witte | Terrace | 03:30 - Close

Handing Charlotte the closing set in this room was an inspired decision and just reward for a DJ who is really catching her stride. The energy levels never dipped as we hurtled towards a Vista sunrise.

Played by Loco Dice | Main Room | 03:00 - 04:30

With the dance floor in full swing, Loco Dice unleashed this track as RESISTANCE's production prowess unfolded. Acrobats, lasers and CO2 canons came together to give a feast for the senses.

Played by Seth Troxler | Main Room | 04:30 - Close

Exactly what you need at 05:00: Seth going full off-kilter weird. After a night of full-throttle big beats, this selection out of left field was a welcome reprieve with legs starting to wear.

For a more comprehensive list of all the music we heard, including the above and more, check-out our designated RESISTANCE Ibiza Spotify playlist.

Coming up over the next nine weeks there are some absolutely scintillating dates. Picking out just a handful, there's Carl Cox's birthday bash at the end of the month, the Drumcode takeover on 7 August and the Intec Digital line-up at the end of August.

It continues next Tuesday as Richie Hawtin invites his Model 1 mixer ambassadors to PLAYdifferently. It's gonna be quite the season. See below for info and tickets to next week's and all other dates this season.

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