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Elements at HEART Ibiza kicks off the season

All the elements of the ultimate opening party brought the spirit of Benirrás to Marina Botafoch.

The party that brings the spirit of Elements Ibiza beach club and restaurant to the glitzy HEART Ibiza is back, this time around for a full season. We headed out to the opening party of Elements at HEART last Monday. Here's what we found.

The night kicked off before we even entered the sparkling Marina Botafoch nightclub. It started outside with a jaw-dropping go-go dancer asking if she could decorate our faces. Can anyone resist that?

Voila! Looking more exotic and fitting to the ambience, we ventured into the realm of the natural elements, although the spirit of Elements welcomes everybody regardless. Water, earth, fire and air were all represented for the first night of the season.

Inside HEART, we found a chill vibe. The sparkling venue totally reimagines itself for every event. For Elements at HEART, it was different, more relaxed than and far removed from the overcrowded feeling of other famous nights around the island. We loved that.

Kintar was on the decks, leading the festivities. We immediately cherished his deep and magical sound. The Ibiza-based DJ and producer from Argentina is well famous in the underground circuit of the island and beyond, a perfect choice for a party that glorifies nature and its mystical elements.

If we had to pick an element, we would say that his set represented the earth. It was solid, full-bodied and ethnic. Kintar's music was certainly an inspiration to the dancer belly-dancing in front of us, blending magic from all around the globe in a glorious cultural melting pot.

The beats inspired a good dance in us, too. We started travelling north, feeling the spirit of the northern part of Ibiza, with its hippy far-away vibe that we all love.

We soon headed upstairs on the terrace for a refreshing break. As usual, it was overflowing with beautiful people having a laugh, tarot readers, incense smell and performers mixing with the crowd.

The terrace is one of the most wonderful characteristics of this venue. And if you fancy an interesting conversation with a beautiful devil or a blue-haired woman with her red angel on a leash, all the better.

Also on display, a beautiful kaleidoscopic mandala glowed with geometric lines, colours and changing lights, a sort of psychedelic art. The artist told us to stare into its centre to get in touch with our higher selves - and we were momentarily lost out of this world.

Once we got back from our momentary trip, it was time to check out the legendary producer Sandrino.

He came on strong, unleashing his melodic and deep sound. As we danced away, we were kidnapped by the visuals all around us. An acrobat descended from the sky, performing in the air, as well as poi dancers leading the tribe to a world of electronic chanting.

This time the sound seemed reminiscent of water, surrounding and healing us via our perceptions. It felt like dancing and relaxing at the same time. We could close our eyes, letting everything go and be carried away, or open them and be amazed.

This famous track by the German maestro communicates this feeling to a T.

And here's another great track from the German Maestro's set.

We landed back safely on our feet just to find ourselves in the middle of the dance floor.

After a refreshing drink upstairs, gazing into the picture-perfect view of Ibiza Town and the port, 4:00 was quickly approaching so we rushed back, keen to catch the beginning of the set by Japanese techno legend Hito.

What an incredible line-up.

There she was, with her black bob haircut and legendary kimono, on the decks. Techno set in full force. At this point, we were in Berlin. Her powerful sound was dark and beautiful.

The element represented here seemed to be the passion of fire with a powerful gust of unstoppable techno air. She was banging and uncompromising - we just loved it.

Hito plays vinyl - mad respect for that. The first 40 minutes were a restless sequence of hammering tunes that had the dance floor losing it. The atmosphere had changed in favour of a darker one, like the woods surrounding the cliffs in the north of Ibiza.

Our journey through the elements was now complete. We had been taken to very different places by the music and imaginary soundscapes that this night creates.

A well-planned night this one - it resembled those legendary forest raves where the music changes in relation to the hours it is played. This is a night for both connoisseurs and newbies who want to experience top electronic music, as well as the natural and hedonistic spirit of the White Isle.

The production was beautiful and the music told a story, a different one, one that is certainly important to listen to. It is the story of a beach up in the north, sacred to the hippies, that has transformed itself in this nightclub through the power of the Elements.

Coming up next Monday, Adana Twins, Juri Menicucci and Kiki will do it all over again. See below for full details and tickets.

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