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Thursdays at Benimussa Park become Raíces

Come together as one to celebrate the beauty of nature and humanity.

Brothers and Sisters, you are invited to join Raíces (Roots) on Thursday at Benimussa Park from 7 June.

Raíces is a multicultural party that strives to unite the world in a single state of consciousness. Connecting music, art and culture, the event asks you to cast aside our differences aside and immerse yourself in the experience. Participation is key.

Combining the beauty of nature and humanity, Raíces holds love and respect as core values. The party was born out of a desire to celebrate life dancing and connecting with one another.

Attendees should expect a holistic and sustainable ethos, with tolerance and acceptance of all at the centre alongside a tribal music policy that encourages the primal ritual of dance.

Intrigued? See below for full info and tickets for the opening party.

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