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A smashing time at Bongo’s Bingo at Eden

We checked out the crazy clubbing game fusion gripping San Antonio’s fun-seekers at Eden.

Games of bingo normally conjure up images of trips to local town Mecca and people sitting down in an orderly fashion to play a nice quiet game of eyes down for a full house. At Bongo's Bingo the entire concept is flipped upside down, combining the classic game with a rave for the millennial party-hungry generation.

This fun-loving event supplies crazy prizes, a mad blend of tunes and the odd singalong. Add to that, men dancing in milkmaids outfits and encouraged table dancing and the result is an unbeatably enjoyable atmosphere.

Bringing another exciting element to the show for this summer, UK garage legends So Solid Crew play as residents.

Starting in Liverpool in 2015 by Jonny ‘Bongo' Lacey and Joshua Burke, Bongo's Bingo has since then branched out to Amsterdam, Australia, Dubai, and many clubs across the UK. Now taking over Eden in San Antonio for the 2018 season, it runs every Tuesday night until 25 September.

This mad mix brought masses of Ibiza holidaymakers, stag and hen do parties to Eden last Tuesday night.

The Spotlight clubbing team - consisting of Holly, Kane, Paul, Steve and me - also went along to witness this new clubbing craze in action. We could not have been more surprised. Here's what we thought of it.

Bongo's Bingo is brilliant unashamed fun

Stephen Hunt, staff writer

To say I viewed Bongo's Bingo with thinly-coated ire would be an understatement. Still, this self-confessed curmudgeonly old git attended in any case. Here comes the 180-degree confession: Bongo's Bingo is brilliant, unashamed fun.

Loads of ticker tape, ropey drag acts and prizes, which include bottles of spirit, 18-inch bedroom apparatuses and even cash prizes. What's not to like? Made up that I got to dance to Stayin' Alive and Dancing Queen in an Ibiza super-club in 2018.

Any event with the cojones to set off CO2 canons to Gloria Gaynor gets my seal of approval. I arrived a reluctant sceptic and left with a membership card and a branded dabber. Gutted I didn't walk away with the sex toy, though. There's always next time - and there will be a next time!

Bongo's Bingo is all about randomness

Kane Allen, clubbing intern

Coco Pops, Philip Schofield and a double-ended dildo are all the signs of great Ibiza party. Throw in the chance to win money and cheap booze and you've got yourself the perfect night in San Antonio.

I thought I had an idea of what Bongo's Bingo was about. I was wrong. It was so much better. The Christmas Day countdown after the number 33 was called to the tune of Fairytale Of New York left me with laughter-induced stomach pains.

If this all a bit confusing, then perfect. Bongo's Bingo is all about randomness, fun and trying to concentrate on the numbers, which is actually easier said than done.

Henry the Hoover

Michael Tomlinson, photographer

There aren't many times I'm absolutely flabbergasted by what I experience in Ibiza clubs, but Bongo's Bingo definitely was one of them. It's one of those of parties that you can't help but just smile and laugh at the madness that's happening around you.

From people dancing on tables to top banter from the MC bingo caller, there's so much joy to be had at this crazy event.

As for the music, it's a real melting pot of dance music and school disco tunes. A banging combination, the soundtrack provides enough nostalgia to get your on your feet dancing every single time.

Then Blow Ya Mind (Club Caviar remix) was dropped. This hard house corker elevated the excitement in the room tenfold.

Most bizarre and funny part of the night? When the Henry the Hoover prize was presented, offered up like a scene out of the Lion King to dramatic orchestral music.

So Solid Crew joined the bongo sensation

Holly Woulfe, clubbing intern

What a wacky collection of tunes - it was near enough impossible to keep your arms by your side with tunes like the Macarena and hits from S Club 7 blasting out the booming sound-system of Eden.

This is the perfect event for stag/hen parties to jump around on the tables and go wild as it rains confetti throughout the evening. It's just fun, fun and more fun. The excitement of the game and heavy encouragement from the hosts saw a few broken tables and stools – more signs of a smashing party!

So Solid Crew joined the bongo sensation performing everyone's guilty pleasure and sing-a-long chart-smasher 21 seconds. By this point, the venue truly went bonkers with drag acts and dildos escalating the randomness and having the crowd in stitches.

A nice little break away from heavy club nights with the chance to win a mixture of bizarre prizes from henry hoovers to a few cheeky glasses of pink gin and lemonade, a personal favourite of mine which I, unfortunately, missed out on by one number – gutted! I will most definitely be back next week to try my luck again and party with Ibiza's most weird and wonderful.

Chaos, carnage and commotion

Paul Heilbron, clubbing intern

The end of the pandemonium looms, the final prize of the final game is finally upon us. Chaos, carnage and commotion have been the delightful dishes served to us by the shedload.

We have a CALL! 500 euros to the lucky lady in the back... hold on to your inflatable ducks we have another twist to proceedings. We have a simultaneous CALL... that can mean only one thing, DANCE-OFF!

Time to bust out your best, knee popping, hip twisting, dad dancing jigs guys - there's 500 big ones to be won! Contestant one confidently steps up as if she were an extra in Step Up. The crowd was rocking her moves are grooving. Contestant two has a lot to live up to here. DJ spin that...

The beats are rocking, the moves are... lacking! Contestant two definitely did not have moves like Jagger.

A holiday trip would not be complete without a raving game at Bongo's Bingo. Time to grab your dabbers. First it's eyes down and then it's arms up at this wildly enjoyable event. You'd be mad to miss it.

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