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Calling the wild ones to Cosmic Pineapple at Pikes

Connect with your energy chakras this summer on Ibiza with this series of magical events for charity.

Pikes is one venue on the island that does things a little differently when it comes to events. Cosmic Pineapple is no exception. The spiritually energised mini-festival comes to Ibiza this summer over four dates to plant seeds of consciousness in cosmic and creative ways.

From a generation of creative changemakers, this event calls on those seeking something different. With the music and magic of Ibiza, in the daytime, the event offers up an inspiring range of activities in which to immerse yourself.

Expect everything from inspiring talks and classes to meditative yoga lessons and dance workshops.

Venturing through the enchanted grounds, you will also find healers practising different modalities and techniques. These are designed to activate your mind and connect you with your heart.

A creative market, healthful food and drink stands will offer unique products sure to satisfy your curiosity. As day turns to night, visionary music selectors will provide mystical sound vibrations for those who wish to drift off and dance into another musical realm.

As everything is energy, this year for its third season, the event is based on the chakras, the energy centres in the human body. Every event will be crafted around the focus of that specific date. Cosmic Pineapple offers something for everyone with a unique creative soul.

Each event is for charity and this year the focus is on fundraising for earth children's based charities. Cosmic Pineapple is a ceremony of joy in which you can be free to enjoy the magical offerings from day until night. This 12-hour celebration is a place for the wild children of Ibiza.

The dates for your diaries are Thursdays 7 June, 5 July, 26 July and 6 September from 16:00 to 4:00. See you there.

To attend, get yourself on the guest list. Read more on how to get involved here

Photography | Frank Weyrauther

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