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IBZ Boat Party launches super early bird special ticket deal

Get your open-date ticket now to save on and start planning your Ibiza holiday next summer.

Yes, both the summer and the Ibiza season are behind us, but fear not. The best way to get over the inevitable blues of this time of year is without a doubt to start planning your next escapade to Ibiza. With Christmas around the corner, the IBZ Boat Party is getting the festivities started early with this über special deal.

For a limited time, you can grab yourself and your mates this super early bird ticket on sale for €49. You don't even need to know when you will be on Ibiza because you can use this open-date ticket anytime next summer between 25 May and 27 September 2018. All you need to do is confirm the exact day one week before arrival.

Among the revelations of this past summer, the IBZ Boat Party is a wild extravaganza at sea. Playing all your favourite summer anthems, it includes an open bar, plenty of snacks, your favourite water activities and free or discounted club tickets. All the while, a photographer will be there to capture your best moments.

Not to mention, if you start planning now you will be spreading the cost of your holidays throughout the year. If you know you will be coming to Ibiza or simply want to make it happen, this is the best way to get the ball rolling and the process started.

Full details are below. Welcome onboard!

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