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Stunning finale at the closing of Destino and Solomun + LIVE

Here is how Destino and Solomun + Recondite concluded the season at the dreamy open-air venue.

Whether you were there or missed it, the joint closing of Destino and Solomun + LIVE was a picture-perfect closing. Here is how the final fiesta at one of the prettiest open-air venues on Ibiza went down.

Last Thursday all gathered round to catch Solomun and his final guest wave the season goodbye at the fairy-tale style resort owned by Pacha Group. With the ideal temperatures of this time of year, the usual stunning backdrop and masterful tunes by some of the hottest talent around, throngs of people showed up for the wicked fiesta al fresco.

The growing crowd danced the afternoon away with Mosaic and Labyrinth resident Alex Kennon followed by Diynamic DJ and producer Magdalena. As dusk started to change the colours around the gorgeous venue, German wonder Recondite took to the decks with a live show that mesmerised Destino's variegated crowd.

Electronic music is already captivating in itself. To hear it performed live makes it absolutely spellbinding. The live set by Recondite was no exception, as it travelled the mellow side of electronic music through sequential rises into mesmerising unravellings and intriguing drops.

The sound artist weaved a musical tale that led the crowd to a faraway musical land. Bringing elements of ambient, deep house and techno, including traces of acid techno, Recondite put on a proper live show throughout his one-hour set.

By the time he dropped his own gem Fiery, all were on board for the musical ride. The three-year-old Innervisions knockout still has the power to transport to other dimensions. Framed by the open-air venue's shell stage like none other on the island, it proved as dreamy as can be.

Recondite continued with the atmospheric techno tune Warg and the melodious Levo, among others, until Solomun joined him in the booth.

Once Solomun took over, the energy shifted completely. He led us to a whole other planet. Drawing from multiple styles and beats, he showed once again why he ranks as one of the island's favourite DJs. From banging techno to melodious moments, Solomun brought it all.

As he took over the resort, Solomun brought to life the stunning location. Always a gem, Destino this time of year is simply divine. Anyone seeking to cool off the dancing heat could venture around the pool to take in the lovely views of Ibiza port, Dalt Vila and Formentera. All this caressed by the most soothing breeze you can imagine.

While Solomun continued to cover the spectrum of music genres, he even dropped a remix of WestBam's Beatbox Rocker capturing the entire crowd with its infectious beat.

With many dramatic pauses, Solomun called attention to just how special it is to be able to dance under the stars to banging tunes in such a gorgeous location. After midnight, the party carried on downstairs at Tox with Solomun playing well into the morning.

If you missed this one, you are still in luck as one last chance remains to experience Destino at the closing party of RUMORS on Sunday 15 October. Then head on over to Pacha for the closing of Solomun +1, in this case, with none other than Afterlife creators Italian duo Tale Of Us, for the final Pacha fiesta.

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