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Exploring the real Ibiza on the Jeep Safari tour

We went on a little island adventure and explored the island in rousing fashion.

Ibiza may not seem like the largest island around, especially when compared to its Balearic sisters Mallorca and Menorca. While this may be true, it does not mean that the island is not brimming with sights to see and gems to find. Both workers and holidaymakers often say they want to explore and see "the real Ibiza.”

That, however, is often easier said than done as exploring and seeing the White Isle can be quite the arduous task if you do not know what you are doing. Taking a taxi around the island is expensive, the bus takes too long, and even if you rent a car there's the question of where to even begin exploring. This is where Ibiza Jeep Safari comes in.

Ibiza Jeep Safari offers both long (six hours) and short (four and a half hours) tours that will help you discover the real White Isle in exhilarating fashion. As someone who has been wanting to see and explore the island all season, it was a no-brainer to literally and figuratively hop on the opportunity to do so in style when Ibiza Jeep Safari invited us for its six-hour tour. So on a bright and early Thursday morning, I packed my bags, picked up my shades and headed down to my pick up point in San Antonio ready for an adventure.

It has to be noted that this trip is more of an off-road tour around the island than a safari. Aside from the little lizards and occasional domesticated goat, horse and cow, the White Isle is not exactly teeming exotic wildlife. So while safari may not be the most appropriate word, Ibiza Off-Road Jeep Adventure Tour does not exactly roll off the tongue that well.

Learning about the island's natural flora

Our expedition began in the rolling hills of San Lorenzo where we were split up into groups based on the different spoken languages. The tour is offered in five languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch and French. It was here that we were introduced to our fleet of sturdy Nissan Patrols and Land Rovers, which we jumped right into.

From there we trekked out onto the dirt path of the countryside where we informed of all the wild fauna that grows on the island. We were able to spot and smell the native fennel and rosemary, while also getting to have a few bites from the wild carob growing off the trees. What may have been neatest was trying the wild wine grape off the side of the road, which was sweet and juicy.

The scenic views

From there we made our way to our first gem of a beach, Cala Xarraca. Quaint, quiet, and secluded, we were given the brief opportunity to take some photos and dip our feet in to the turqoise waters before being whisked away to our next spot. Hopping back into our off-roaders, we made our way up north along the coast on the dirt path to the unmanned peninsula by Punta Xarracó, west of Cala Xarraca. When looking to our west we had exceptional views of the steep cliffs that make Caló de Porcs and Es Canaret beach. Untouched and uninhabited by nothing but the natural herbs and shrubbery growing on the the ground, the peninsula offered a look into the Ibiza as nature intented it to be.


At the halfway point of the tour, we were taken to a local Ibizan restaurant for lunch, which was included in the longer six-hour tour. Our guides took us to the restaurant Can Sulayeta where we were treated to some bread and alioli, roasted chicken with chips and salad, and some fruit to re-energize us for the last leg of the trip. Of course, the meal would not be complete without a beer, and fortunately a nice caña was included to tie everything together.

The historical sites

The second half our trip began with a trek up more treachourous terrain to get views of Na Xamena. Up atop the rocky crag, you had unrivaled views of the luxury resort Hacienda Na Xamena which sat across from us on the opposite side of the cove. As it was nestled cozily into the San Miguel Cliff, you couldn't help but be a little jealous of the guests who were waking up to those National Geographic like views every morning. While the view of the resort was astounding, the view down below was a bit more spine tingling. Yes, a private beach layed down at the bottom of the cove, but it layed there after an abrupt drop hundreds of meters below. To the west of us on the cliff were sights of Es Portitxol and the little cove known as Smuggler's Bay.

Our next stop brought us to an old and unused helicopter pad on the other side of the cove behind Hacienda Na Xamena. Trekking down the windy and rocky road, bouncing about in the back of the jeep felt like being on a thrilling roller coaster. With each sharp right hairpin of a turn, you could feel the G-force moving to the side of your body. When we reached the pad, we could had an unparalled view of the Port de Sant Miquel and Illa de Bosc, the latter of which was inhabited by a multimillion-euro mansion owned by a wealthy Russian businessman.

R&R at Benirras Beach

The conclusion of our trip had us going all the way down to Benirras Beach, where we were given a free hour to relax, soak up the sun and swim in the crystal blue waters. For us personally, we chose to have some drinks at the nearby Elements Beach Club to help us unwind from the long day.

Overall, the Jeep Safari Tour was a fantastic way to see scenic spots of the island that would have taken much greater effort to find otherwise. There aren't many tours that will take you around the island in both a breathtaking and invigorating fashion the way Jeep Safari Tours does. No wonder that the tour has won TUI's best tour of Ibiza for three years. It is fun and family-friendly, as well as very reasonably priced.

If you're looking for a way to spend your day on the island and don't want to do any of the planning, this is the trip for you.


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