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Loco Dice celebrates epic birthday with Carl Cox at HYTE

HYTE resident Loco Dice went b2b with techno king Carl Cox for a birthday of epic proportions.

It was a rather stormy night in Ibiza this past Wednesday, but that didn't stop the masses across the White Isle from making their way over to Amnesia for an exceptional night at HYTE.

See this wasn't just any normal night at HYTE, as this night celebrated the birthday of the party's beloved resident Loco Dice. A night of these proportions isn't a small order, though. To ensure that the event would be properly celebrated, the global party institution invited the legendary Carl Cox.

History tends to repeat itself, and if there is anything that we know from looking into the past, it is that Coxy will always pack out a club. Wednesday night was no different, and clubbers from all over the island eagerly made their way to the iconic Ibizan club, even waiting through the torrential downpour to get inside.

HYTE has been fairly busy this season, but this was easily the busiest that I have seen. The chance to see the techno champion go b2b with the birthday boy guaranteed an unmissable night.

Unmissable, however, is an understatement to describe the magic that occurred when the two tech titans took the decks. Unlike most nights at HYTE, when Coxy and Dice went head to head, they switched sides on the terrace, playing where the actual booth was.

There, the pair put on an all out tech house clinic playing a beefy set with tunes like Leon & Shaf Huse's Renegade 2017. Crowd favourites like Loco Dice's remix of Kerri Chandler's Six Pianos were seamlessly mixed into the clubbers' delight. The Future Shock Trackhead Mix of Eddie Amaro's Rise also got a play to keep the tunes rolling.

It needs to be noted how much of a spectacle it is to see these two behemoths go against each other. Masters at their craft, Cox and Dice know how to keep a good tech house set slamming from start to finish.

They flawlessly mixed in loops and edits to create suspense and drama that drags out before bringing everything back into that heavy groove. This was not tech house that just rolled along at one speed; this was tech-house that bumped and banged, escalating from beginning to end.

The night wasn't without its hiccups, however, as lightning did strike the building at one point causing a short power outage that put the people in a little disarray. Short lived that was, though, as everything resumed normally once the power came back on soon thereafter.

The rest of the night went off without a hitch, the highlight coming when the entire club sang happy birthday to Loco Dice.

This HYTE was one for the books, and next looks to be just as big as the party is teaming up with FUSE for another spectacular night that is to feature Guti, Yaya b2b Caleb, Calloway, Cuartero, Enzo Siragusa, Dewalta b2b Cristi, Cons and Archie Hamilton. Check out more HYTE dates below.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Pablo Bustos

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