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Craig David's TS5 pool party splashes onto the season

The second season of the TS5 pool party has finally arrived and it's bigger than ever.

I don't think it's possible to have a bad time at anything Craig David is involved in. Last Thursday we checked out the anticipated Craig David presents TS5 pool party opening, and it was nothing short of great. If you're in the mood for the best of UK house and garage, this is the place to go.

Filling up the line-up was some great UK talent, bringing to the stage a swell of old and new club classics. You are undoubtedly going to have a blast at this event. Even if you're a sworn tech-head, as soon as you hear Re-Rewind you'll have lost all sense of dignity and be trying to climb up on the stage with the rest.

Ibiza Rocks Hotel is the perfect venue to host such a popular party. With the ginormous pool filled with fun inflatables, you can't go wrong. Bob around on one of the many golden swans, pepperoni pizza slices and juicy watermelons while the music gets the crowd jumping.

The stage is a small circular podium that's set up with the decks in the middle and a walkway to dance around the edge. It extends right out into the audience, so if you're at the front you'll probably get a selfie and a hand touch.

The place is Malibu mad, getting you equipped with a free piña colada as soon as you walk through the door. The venue is decorated with palm trees and flower garlands bringing you a true tropical party vibe. Even the neon lights are shaped like flamingos. The Ibizan pool party you've always dreamed of is alive within the walls of this venue.

The UK dance duo Blonde got the ravers to full partying capacity before the main man graced the stage. Bringing the tunes we all know and love, with MC stylings from the Ibiza Rocks residents.

Craig's energy filled the stage: just him, his decks and a mic. His energy didn't drop the entire set. It should be noted that his voice is truly amazing, could possibly be said to be better live than recorded. His freestyling spits displayed serious talent. He threw in some remixed tracks such as Murder She Wrote by Chaka Demus & Pliers to add some extra flavour.

You won't be disappointed as the old and the new Craig David music blends into a perfect set. From 7 Days to When The Bassline Drops everyone sang along to every word. Only an impressive musical ability can transport you through 17 years of pop culture.

After Craig smashed his set we got the musical magic of his TS5 crew. Patrick Nazemi and Oli P continued carrying us into the night, ready for what the rest of Ibiza had in store.

Upcoming line-ups are also looking fresh. With artists such as Big Narstie and Low Steppa are just some of the big names jazzing up this already pumping party. This party is definitely one to catch if you're in the mood for a groovy mix of garage, drum and base, and a twist of hip hop.

If you are staying at the Ibiza Rocks hotel you can access this party through your booking. This party can also be included as an add-on of the boat party package deal with Reverb.

This summer promises to bring another massive season for Craig David's TS5 pool party so get planning. See below for more details and tickets.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Michael Tomlinson

Craig David's TS5 Pool Party listings - 2022

Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Craig David's TS5 Pool Party Opening Party

Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Craig David's TS5 Pool Party Closing Party

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