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Amnesia Ibiza releases summer compilation 2017

The iconic Ibiza nightclub has released its soundtrack to this year's summer for your listening pleasure.

Craving to be back under the Ibizan sun whilst listening to those slick White Isle sounds? Yearning for the feeling of that earth shaking bass thump up and out of your body at 4:00 in the morning? If you're hungry for a taste of Ibiza but won't be able to make the trip anytime soon, have already done so or simply want to experience it, the legendary Amnesia has the solution for you in its new compilation, Amnesia Ibiza 2017.

One of the mainstays of the island, Amnesia is renowned for its enormous space that holds some of the essential parties on the island like Cocoon, HYTE, Cream, Music On and elrow. As such, the compilation features 33 tracks over two different mixed discs that embody the sounds that roar throughout the fabled club.

The first disc comes to us mixed by French DJ and producer POPOF. The Frenchman is the head of his own label FORM music, but has previously released many of his tunes on labels like Cocoon and Hot Creations. POPOF journeys through the expansive tech spectrum in his mix, going from deep to heady, before shifting to peak time slammers.

The second mix is provided to us by local Italian DJ, Luca Donzelli. A resident at Amnesia for HYTE, Donzelli has produced releases on various labels like Do Not Sleep, 8bit, Moon Harbour and WOW! Recordings. Donzelli thoroughly encaptures the spirit of the massive club starting the mix out in a cosmic soundscape before navigating his way into some pounding house. The Italian makes sure to move the mix along, letting the pressure build throughout without straying too far away from a groove.

With varying shades of tech on display, both mixes exhibit the musical essence that fills up the Amnesia walls. So if you have that burning desire to feel like you're back under the Terrace's opaque rooftop as the sun slowly peeks through, then this compilation is certainly for you.

The compilation is now available and can be streamed or purchased here. It is also available in physical format on Ibiza. Have a peep the tracklist below. If you happen to be planning a trip to the White Isle soon, then make sure to check out the party calendar to see what exciting events Amnesia has in store and experience it live.

Track listing:

CD 1 Mixed by POPOF

1) Herbert - Got To Be Movin' (On The Dancefloor)
2) Sven Tasnadi - Train (Orignal Mix)
3) Swirl People - We Used To Party (Lawnchair Generals Dub Dix)
4) Juliche Hernandez - 124g (Original Mix)
5) Gabriele Strada - Lost Drummer (Orignal Mix)
6) Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier - The Blue Grass (Original Mix)
7) Makcim & Levi - Sowhaa (Original Mix)
8) Vinyl Speed Adjust - Retro (Original Mix)
9) dotSTRIPE - Give Yourself (Arado Remix)
10) Timid Boy - The Dancefloor (Mirco Caruso Remix)
11) Mirco Caruso - Bad Ass (Original Mix)
12) The Mekanism - Lost Girl (Original Mix)
13) Massi ISX, Rulers - Cheap (Original Mix)
14) Alexander Aurel & Danny Serrano - Collapse (Original Mix)
15) Marc Molina - Just Beneath It (Original Mix)

CD 2 Mixed By Luca Donzelli:

1) Kurl - Free Falling In Love (Original Mix)
2) Carlo - Fly The W (Original Mix)
3) Burnski - Circuits (Original Mix)
4) Datamode - Calling The Boss (Original Mix)
5) Tian Karl - Verdict (Luca Donzelli Remix)
6) Cuartero - Rate 25 (Original Mix)
7) Max Chapman - Leave Off (Original Mix)
8) Sable Sheep - Carve My Name (Sidney Charles Remix)
9) AFAMoo - Different (Black Loops Remix)
10) Ki Creighton, Forrest - Face 2 Face (Luca Donzelli & Mar-T Remix)
11) Alexis Raphael - Breaking Walls Like 1989 (Original Mix)
12) Emanuel Satie - Come As You Are (Luca Donzelli & Mar-T Remix)
13) Proudly People - What Is That (Original Mix)
14) Phonic Scoupe - Havest Dance (Original Mix)
15) Stephen Lopkin - Let's All Talk About Me (Original Mix)
16) Luca Donzelli - Drummer Eager (Dub Mix)
17) Hermanez - Stator (Orignal Mix)
18) Oleg Mass - Ruins (Original Mix)

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