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Photo exhibitions illuminate Ibiza's past and present

Two black and white photo exhibitions show Ibiza's recent past and present.

Two photography exhibitions of black and white photography come to Ibiza for the next two months with images from the 1950s and the present day.

The first of these at Viatges a Eivissa at Sa Punta des Molí in San Antonio is already underway, with the second, ‘On The Other Side', about to launch on 17 May 2017.

Travels to Ibiza (Viatges a Eivissa) is an exhibition of Catalan photographer Pere Català i Roca and is already undwerway. The photographs were taken on two journeys to Ibiza first in 1948 and then in 1950.

The '50s were simpler times on Ibiza - from the Pere Català i Roca exhibition

The island council persuaded the family of the photographer (now deceased) for permission to use all his Ibiza-related images in their collection.

Images of urban and natural life with people in everyday life situations are included in the exhibition of around 100 restored photos.

'Destroyed Ibiza': showing the cavalcade of grafitti in this Ibiza underground structure

Fast forward to the present day for a neat contrast. Photographer Julia Rambaud, a French-Canadian photographer, has come to Ibiza for inspiration,

Julia has taken similar urban and natural scenes of landscapes and people doing things, though with a much more contemporary eye as she has done in many countries of the world.

Her photographs are also taken in black and white using film. None of her photographs are retouched as the artist feels beauty is found in the imperfections.

Feeling the senses with 'Sensations 2014' by Julia Rambaud

The Pere Català i Roca exhibition runs until June 17 at Sa Punta des Molí in San Antonio each Tuesday to Saturday 17:00-21:00.

‘On The Other Side', an exhibition by Julia Rambaud is running in Bar Can Berri in San Agustín and runs until 15 June. Normal bar opening times apply.

We are sure you will love these contemporary and old views of Ibiza. Report back and let us know what your eyes see.

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