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Top six tracks from ANTS pre-season warm-up

Ushuaïa welcomed the colony back with a massive bash to usher in the summer.

They are back and shaking the foundations of Ushuaïa for another season. After spreading across the planet, ANTS return to the mothership. As the island showed up to greet them, the pre-season warm-up showed just how much the concept resonates with clubbers.

True to its underground ethos, the music brought on a full-blown day to nightime overground poolside party. After Raul Rodriguez, Tapesh and Francisco Allendes got the season going around the DJ booth by the pool, the action moved to the main stage at 21:00 and the beat got heavier.

Around the trippy production, the day turned into the night and the bass-driven tech-house came out to play. It was game on. As the pyrotechnics went off around the cavernous stage, clubber ants got a proper bashing. Here are a few of our faves.

Michel Cleis / La Mezcla / Played by Patrick Topping

Before the colony moved over to the main stage, Patrick Topping pulled out this Cadenza Records minimal house track. Matching the wilderness of the comfortably full venue, it remains a killer a few years after its release and had the crowd shaking it around the stage and pool.

MAT.JOE / Blow Your Mind / Played by Nic Fanciulli

With this recent release by MAT.JOE, Nic Fanciulli had the colony in a frenzy. The high pressure drums and wonky bass carried us all away into nighttime beats.

Soho Nights / Andrea Oliva / Played by Andrea Oliva

Party head Andrea Oliva was up next with some of his own. Soon to be released on Jamie Jones's Hot Creations, this tech house monster saw the energy swell and rise as the whole venue bounced with the beat.

Steve Lawler / Take Me There / Played by Andrea Oliva

Andrea Oliva also pulled out the hypnotical vocal cuts and deep grooves by Steve Lawler. Released earlier last week, this track's sturdy drums, vocal loops and delightfully ominous bassline had the crowd wild by now.

Patrice Bäumel / Glutes / Played by Andrea Oliva

Diving further underground, Andrea Oliva pulled out this bad boy by Patrice Bäumel towards the end of the night. Released only yesterday on Afterlife, Glutes brought us all along for the journey.

Robert Miles / Children / Played by Andrea Oliva

The moment of the night was undoubtedly when Andrea Oliva pulled out classic tune by late Robert Miles to conclude the evening. As a wave of emotion and exultation swept the venue, Children showed once again the eternal power of music.

Bring on the season.

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