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Reverb boat party brings special treats

The new boat party includes a sunset swim and entrance to up to three parties including Afterlife.

Wednesdays this summer you could be diving off a boat for a sunset swim on the new Reverb boat party.

As the only boat party to include a swim stop at sunset, it already classifies as a vacation necessity. Arm yourself with a package deal and the party continues for two days and nights.

Either way, Wednesday afternoon kicks off with a pool party at Hotel Marco Polo in San Antonio. At 18:00 you will cruise off on the boat (17:00 in September) for a three-hour party at sea.

Freshen up and reload on energy because with the package ticket that night you could be off to one of the hottest new nights this summer: Audio Rehab at Eden.

With this package you can continue onto Thursday as well for another day and night of wild carousing. In the afternoon head over the Ibiza Rocks Hotel for a massive pool party. That same night, get ready for some serious techno action at the biggest club in the world for Afterlife at Privilege. Don't know about you but the choice seems crystal clear.

Early bird tickets are available for a time. If you don't get them now, you will wish you had.

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