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A winter coastal tour with Kayak Ibiza

Guided tours take in Ibiza’s stunning scenery, cliffs, caves and crystal waters.

One thing you should not miss when you visit Ibiza is a guided tour with Kayak Ibiza. There is no better way to explore the craggy cliffs and caves that rise above you than a kayak expedition. You can drift along in your comfortable craft on the deep crystal clear waters as you are awed by the stunning scenery.

We joined one of the twice weekly winter tours on a sunny February morning feeling a little nervous about our first experience. When we arrived at the gorgeous cove of Cala Salada we were more than a little relieved to see the calm, millpond-like condition of the sea.

We were given a warm welcome by our hosts Paolo and Lauren who are reassuringly experienced and qualified to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. After a useful briefing session, we were equipped with a life jacket and waterproof cover before being gently launched onto the water.

After a little while in the bay learning our best rowing techniques, the group was split into experienced kayakers and beginners. The experienced group headed northwards for a more challenging tour. The rest of us were happy to travel south towards the rocky headland known as Punta Galera.

Rolling past rising cliffs

Travelling on Ibiza's beautiful crystalline waters surrounded by nature in all its majesty is breathtaking. The cliffs, known locally as flat rocks, rise above you dramatically with an aloof grandeur emanating from their jagged platforms. The rocks cast surprising shades of reds, yellows and greens shining high above the turquoise sea. Take a moment to reflect on the depth of the ocean below you and the sheer height of the cliffs above you. Magnificent.

Paolo and Lauren are great guides, giving us little snippets of information about the area and pointing out the beautiful deep red anemones just below the surface. Paolo explained that the cormorant we saw was white because it was a chick. When the birds are this young they are not wary of humans so we were able to quietly drift very close before it dived gracefully into the water.

book a tour from kayak ibiza san Antonio (west)

book a tour from kayak ibiza es figueral (east)

Echoes of pirates

As we followed the coast around, we came across an ancient cave and paddled into its echoing chamber. There are hundreds of caves around the island that were once used by pirates as hiding places before they launched their attacks on local people. During the Spanish Civil War they were used to store illegal goods.

Passing Punta Galera, we were treated to a panoramic view across San Antonio Bay and beyond to Cala Bassa, the pirate tower at Cala Conta and the islands of Conillera and S'illa des Bosc. Using our best stopping manoeuvres, we had to just float for a while to take it all in.

With the arms starting to ache a little, it was time for a break so we made our way towards a tiny secret cove to recharge with some piping hot apple and cinnamon tea plus snacks. The juicy sweet oranges from Paolo's garden were just what was needed for an energy top up before we took to the water again.

On the return journey, there were a few more waves. Instead of skirting the coastline we crossed the open sea making for a more exhilarating adventure. Great for the thrill seekers! Even if you are a little more circumspect, the guides stay close to ensure you are happy throughout the trip.

Back to dry land

The sea calmed down again as we dipped into the ridiculously pretty cove of Cala Saladita. Then a short paddle around the headland and we were back on dry land. We were taken through a series of stretches to prevent any aches and pains which almost worked.

As well as winter tours, Kayak Ibiza have some exciting plans for the summer. There will be sunset tours and astronomy tours where they will take you to places ideal for star gazing whilst an experienced astronomer talks you through the mysteries of the skies. There will also be a yoga and kayaking retreat combining exercise, mindfulness and nature where you will sleep in hammocks under the stars.

Kayak Ibiza do tours on Saturdays and Wednesdays throughout the winter starting at 10:00 from various locations and lasting until around 14:00. Winter is the perfect time to explore the island whilst it is at its most peaceful and the sea conditions are often ideal too.

So grab a kayak and get paddling. You will have a splashing time!

book a tour from kayak ibiza san Antonio (west)

book a tour from kayak ibiza es figueral (east)

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