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Family fun at the Barruguet Festival

4 days of theatre

Coming this month is a theatre marathon for the whole family to enjoy in Santa Eulalia. The third annual Barruguets Festival will have a total of 20 performances from 27 different theatre companies between 19 and 22 May 2016. The shows display the cultural richness available on the island and are concentrated around various spaces, including the Teatro España, Exhibition Centre and the Palacio de Congresos.

Spectators can also enjoy some live theatre as the performers take to the streets to take the festival beyond the walls of its performance buildings, engaging a much bigger audience with an at times mesmerizing display of street performance. There are lots of shows for you to try out such as “Cuac!”, a puppet show for two to five year olds or the award-winning “Marabunta”, a crazy clown show for all ages, driven by live music.

Many of the works have no words, relying instead on music and visual gestures of the face, hands and body. This means that the festival can be enjoyed by an international audience, avoiding the barrier of language. There is a mixture of free and paid-for shows which start at as little as €4 for a performance, rising up to €8 for others. With each tickets sale, you also get two hours free parking too.

The festival also goes a little “international” for 2016 through its close participation with a Danish theatre company, Limfjordsteatret which will present its piece “Don Q”, a wordless version of the classic novel Don Quixote. The book's writer Miguel de Cervantes will also be honoured to time with this year's 400th anniversary of his death.

For an animated and fun filled theatrical day for the whole family, this festival has the lot.

Download the full progemme here.

WORDS: Julian Heathcote

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