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Bloop festival - the fifth edition

Bringing art to all

For those that are “indifferent to art”, the fifth edition of month-long Bloop Interactive Art Festival could be just the ticket. Best of all, it is totally free and that includes all the exhibitions and workshops. It is an independent, completely self-financed event which each year has a different theme: this year's is entitled ‘Multiverse Parallel Universes'. Its aim is to colour the white isle's urban environment for 31 days in art, music, education and technology.

The festival is billed as the first of its kind in the world and was started by Italian communications agency, Biokip. The idea behind it is to educate and communicate to people the transformative nature of art in a language that is comprehensible, be it via photography, installations, sculpture, paintings or murals.

Past events have attracted 90,000 visitors to see the works of lots of artists from all over the world. The Bloop Headquarters is where you will catch the soul and spirit of the festival and is situated in Far de ses Coves Blanques, the old lighthouse in San Antonio. There are two permanent exhibitions, sunset music sessions and a children's workshop. It is open every day except Sunday and Monday from 7-11pm. Artists include Monste Nadal, Lo Spino and Silva Ramacci with more to be announced.

There will be a photography workshop this week for which you will need to register, taking place in Cala de Bou. Check out the events page for more details. They will also be holding an exhibition, called MIDM in Ibiza Town for the remainder of this month and then in San Antonio in August, which they say is the best way to learn and understand this year's theme. An LGBT side of Bloop, entitled Bloop Fistival will also be shown in The Purple in San Antonio.

What you will find here is a non-conventional art show that aims to educate on a particular social issue and bring people to art that is accessible. Visitors are very much encouraged to think about what they see, though to develop their own opinions and thoughts about it, there is no right interpretation, just your own.

The festival has left a lasting legacy in San Antonio via the huge murals on the sides of many of the buildings there; there are others across the island too. This forms part of the OpenAir Gallery and is of course available to view all year round. The first mural went up in 2011 and came about to put energy into a place that had suffered from property speculation during the 80's. Each one has a social theme and features the work of many artists. All you need do is walk around the streets of San Antonio to see them and a new one is added each year.

The Bloop website carries lots more detail about all the different activities for the festival, so do have a look for what's on when you are around.

WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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