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New Art Gallery opens in Ibiza Town

Antonio Russo at Galeria Blanca

Ibiza's reputation as an incubator for the works of artists and musicians scores a double whammy this week when a new art gallery – Galeria Blanca – opens in the capital's main square, the Vara de Rey. The guest of honour is the renowned exponent of abstract expressionism, Antonio Russo, whose paintings are inspired by music.

Russo's a Londoner with Sicilian roots. Multi-talented, he paints, plays drums and DJs too. His Italian origins shine through in his paintings with a broad spectrum of light and colour influenced by his taste in art and music.

Studying his work it's difficult to believe that when he steps up to the canvas his mind is completely blank until the music starts and inspires his ideas of colour and form which seem to flow subconsciously via his rapid brush strokes. Even more difficult to believe is that he is in fact both dyslexic AND colour blind as his paintings never betray this.

He'll be flying in from the UK to be at Galeria Blanca's opening on 1st May at 19.00 where you'll be able to see how his mantra 'colour is life' is transferred to canvas and ponder on what track he was listening to at the time.

The gallery itself has a range of modern art for sale by many award winning artists from around the world and has a very special feature – an approval service. Clients can actually try out a painting in their own home to see how it looks in-situ before committing to buy it. What a great idea.

If you can't make the opening – and they're giving away a magnum of champagne with every purchase on the night – you can buy online.

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