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Top 10 reasons to love autumn in Ibiza

Quiet country lanes, warm sunny days, cool evenings or perhaps the cosy intimacy of a roaring log fire, what do you love best about autumn in Ibiza?

As the entire planet crosses the Autumn equinox and the hectic pace of summer relaxes into the rich colours and soft sunshine of late season, Ibiza and her exhausted but happy residents heave a deep sigh of contentment.

Those who have never visited Ibiza before during the autumn months and happen to stumble across her, tend to react with surprised delight. Indeed, many who are are lucky enough to live here all year round, (including yours truly) count October and November as their favourite months on the island.

So today, ladies and gents, we share our top 10 reasons why we love Ibiza in the autumn:

1. The sunsets get even more beautiful

The scattered, fluffy clouds that autumn brings create some of the most dramatic backdrops imaginable to that most sublime Ibiza moment, the sunset.

2. It's still warm and sunny during the day

Unbeknown to many, it's still wonderfully warm and often sundrenched during the day. The beaches, moreover, are quiet and peaceful with space galore. It's the perfect time for walking, hiking, kayaking and other sporting activities.

3. The evenings are cool

Cool evenings are received with positively open arms during the autumn and winter months. Those who rent Spotlight villas at this time, for example, will find that they often come equipped with log fires for cosy nights in and gorgeously fresh swimming pools for sundrenched days outside. It's truly the most romantic time to visit - perfect for snuggling up with your number 1!

4. The roads are gloriously quiet

Getting around suddenly becomes an absolute joy as you cruise the wonderfully quiet roads, mainly occupied by laid-back islanders tootling along on their way to a relaxed lunch or BBQ... ah, the stress… Plus no more driving around in circles looking for a hallowed empty blue bay! During autumn and winter, the island easily accommodates the parking needs of its chilled-out residents and visitors.

5. Clubs and drinks are (much) cheaper

The biggest price tags for drinks come from the superclubs, which nearly all close, except of course for one. The original Ibiza super-club, Pacha remains open at the weekend. Prices for drinks during autumn, winter and spring shrink by almost 50% and entrance is cheap or free. Granted, you probably won't see David Guetta play and only the main room is open, but hey, it's still iconic, fantastic, glamorous Pacha.

6. November brings a profusion of wild flowers

The short bursts of rain and clouds that bless the parched earth during autumn trigger a profusion of wild flowers. They burst merrily forth from every field, crack and crevice dear reader. For this reason, walking or driving in the Ibiza countryside at this time of year will richly reward you with vibrant colours, lush greenery and intoxicating aromas of the recently refreshed pine trees and wild herbs.

7. It's time for wild mushroom picking!

Wild foraging for mushrooms during autumn is a time honoured tradition in Ibiza. Delicacies include varieties locally known as the Rovillón, the Federico and the Mucosa (which perhaps unappetisingly means 'snotty') Obviously, please don't attempt to go mushroom foraging without the guidance of a professional as there are many poisonous varieties that are easily confused with the edibles.

8. The buzzling local cultural scene

It's autumn and winter when residents of the island finally have some glorious time off to get together and do fun stuff! So this is the time of year you'll find Ibiza stuffed full of cool courses (language classes, dance, art, alternative therapies etc.) not to mention cinema, art, photography and multimedia exhibitions. The museums all remain open and the local town and village plazas are often to be found hosting colourful, live events of all kinds. One such event is the October Festival in San Antonio with its annual Flower Power party.

9. Much cheaper Winter hotels, villas and car-hire

This is the absolute best time for example, to rent a villa such as the Sea view Villa Cala Conta (Ref. 009), pictured above. The island is gorgeous, the prices are often half the price of high season and there's still plenty to keep you fully occupied should you wish. On the other hand, you may prefer to not move from your gorgeous pad, lounging by the pool by day and snuggling up cosy at night in front of a roaring fire...

If you do want to explore the island's beauty, then car-hire also becomes cheaper, perfect for enjoying those quiet country roads and ideal as public transport options on the island do decrease between October and May.

10. Many Ibiza bars and restaurants remain open

Of course! You thought we all went to sleep?! This is the time of year to explore the real island culinary scene, ladies and gents. Restaurants that manage to stay open all year are generally really worth visiting. A quick glance at our handy restaurant guide will show you the options or simply check out our reviews. The entire town of San Antonio for example, hosts a yearly competition for the best ‘menu-del-dia' (meal of the day) - typically 3 courses and bread, aioli and a drink for an amazing €15. More about that soon, foodies! Other favourites such as La Cava in Ibiza Town and Can Pilot in San Rafael continue to delight with consistently great quality dining all year round.

And if that little lot doesn't appeal, then perhaps you're simply a summer type. As many of us are, until we discover the delights of autumn in Ibiza. But don't take our word for it, dear reader, much more fun to come and check it out for yourself!

WORDS | Jane Charilaou PHOTOS | Spotlight

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