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Young Adult in Ibiza: Aquarium Cap Blanc

Brightly coloured fish, Moray eels, octopus - this natural cave aquarium is a great day out for the family.

Aquarium Cap Blanc is a 25 year old Aquarium based in San Antonio Ibiza near the Hotel Tanit. This natural cave aquarium (which was a former Lobster storage) makes for a fun day out with your friends or family! Even if you`re not that much into sea-life Aquarium Cap Blanc is still very interesting and can easily be combined with a visit to their sea-view restaurant!

Getting there:

Getting there could not be easier with bus line 1 offering hourly services between San Antonio and Stella Maris, the stop name for the Aquarium is called Hotel Tanit. Feel like walking? The Aquarium is a mere 25 minute leisurely stroll from the Ibiza beaches of San Antonio! Aquarium Cap Blanc is also easy to get to by car with ample and free parking being available nearby.


Long before this natural cave was converted into Aquarium Cap Blanc it was used as a lobster storage. The natural water (which still comes directly from the sea) ensured correct circulation and oxygen levels for the lobsters. In 1989 this natural cave was converted into Aquarium Cap Blanc and was (and is still) used by the CREM centre for the recovery of sea animals - most of them Turtles. Today this is a very popular aquarium which is a must to visit!

What to see and do

The first thing which visitors to the Aquarium will encounter is their lovely sea-side bar/restaurant where one can have a drink whilst overlooking the bay of Sant Antoni De Portmany.

Visitors are greeted by a long wooden walkway which stretches over the largest tank with several extensions added to the walkway in order to view other fish tanks. The largest tank contains most of the fish and contains natural sea-water. Spread over the length of the wooden walkway is clear information on each different type of fish in English, German, Spanish and Catalan.

The natural cave environment found in Aquarium Cap Blanc is a nice contrast to the simulated environment often found in most Aquariums, Aquarium Cap Blanc is essentially a piece of the Mediterranean Sea around Ibiza!

Also present are 3 smaller tanks for fish such as the Morays which cannot be mixed with the other fish found in the main tank. The other tanks feature mainly smaller fish which (if you`re lucky) jump out of the water!

But that`s not all! The Aquarium also has a selection of fake and dead creatures on display with clear information on each type of fish. As well as that the Aquarium Cap Blanc is currently running a conservation project in which Aquarium regrows certain sea plants, a project done in conjunction with the local Ibiza government!

Recovery of certain sea animals

Sea-life conservation is an important but difficult task especially on such a small island as Ibiza. For this reason the Ibiza government has been using the Aquarium Cap Blanc as a recovery center where animals (mostly turtles) are taken temporarily to recover. When the sea animals have recovered, they are taken back to one of the many Ibiza beaches and floated back into the sea around Ibiza!


The author had a really great time visiting the Cap Blanc Aquarium, despite initially having little interest in sea-life!

With an entrance price of just 4.50 Euro (that`s for an adult!) and a location very close to San Antonio Ibiza there really is no reason to skip the Aquarium Cap Blanc!

The Aquarium Cap Blanc is very family friendly and should be on every family`s Ibiza holidays plan! Getting to San Antonio Ibiza from resorts such as Santa Eulalia and Ibiza Town is very easy with regular buses being available!

Quick Facts:

What? Aquarium Cap Blanc near San Antonio Ibiza

Why? Fun for everybody whether that`s your friends or family! Close to San Antonio Ibiza and especially near the Ibiza beaches of Cala Gracio, Cala Gracionetta!

With who? With your family or with your friends!

When? Open from May 1 to October 31st. Before and after that period only on Saturday mornings.

How much is this going to cost me? Very reasonable entrance fee of 4.50 Euro per adult and just 2.50 Euro per child.

For more Information / Map & website

Please visit Aquarium Cap Blanc for more information.

Rupert T is our youngest reporter on the Ibiza Spotlight team and spending his summer exploring the island, checking out the best entertainment for young adults

All images courtesy of Aquarium Cap Blanc website.

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