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Editors' Choice - 08th August 2013

A Must Read for Ibiza Virgins to experienced visitors - the real Ibiza, each week, every week for Summer 2013.

A Cautionary Tale

Some time ago, I was invited to meet someone. For the moment, we'll call her Tanit (I'll disclose her real name at the end, promise). I'd already heard of her in my circle and well, not in the best light.

I'd heard she was trashy, loud, 'cheap', all bling and no substance (well, not of the legal kind anyway...)

There was only one thing for it - Google her. I did and that didn't exactly enhance my confidence. The trashy, the loud, the bling, often in the most unflattering poses looked back at me from the screen. Dear God.

Still, out of politeness, I carried on with my obligation of introduction. The setting was strange - our first moment, late at night and not really the time to get to know each other. We would meet again the next day.

The next morning, I met not with a loud, trashy and blinged-out, over-the-top air-head but instead found depth, warmth, personality, life experience and yes, a beauty that would and had stood the test of time. Much later in our time together I hinted at the trashy, crass element... Her response seemed to imply that 'You get what you give.'

I've tried never to leave her side since. I miss her when we're apart, and day to day find myself marvelling at her, admiring her more deeply with each passing moment.

Thank goodness I had had the gumption to go beyond Google, beyond trashy Instagram images, beyond even the raucous stories of my friends and judge for myself. She has become one of the greatest joys and gifts in my life.

Her name? Oh yes, I promised you that, didn't I. Her name is Ibiza.

Things to Do.

One of the great things about Ibiza, is within her 45km by 23km coastline, there is the most extraordinary range of events to indulge in. Today.. tonight, a Fiesta finale in Ibiza Town. Spectacular fireworks, food, drink, dancing and you're invited.

Alternatively, head North to the idyllic Garden of Light Retreat Centre and immerse yourself in feel good treatments and foods for the evening.

A quick look at what is perhaps the most comprehensive calendar for the island, bursting with events to delight, so much catches the eye. One definitely not to overlook is the Sushi and Wine evening, a partnership of expertise by Champagne Solutions and Sushiboy Ibiza, (reviewed this week by the Ibiza Spotlight team and thoroughly enjoyed!) next Wednesday.

Restaurant of the Week

Sometimes, for all our spirit of adventure, for all our love of change and new experiences, there is a moment of wanting the familiar, the comforts of home. Mel's Cafe in Santa Eulalia ticks that box beautifully and has garnered some surprising fans along the way. Have a read, make a note and pay a visit - you won't be disappointed.

Hotel of the Week

Known across Spain as one of the top ten hotels when it comes to value for money, Hotel Tagomago in San Antonio Bay is a gem. Situated right on the sea front, conveniently near one of the best sunset locations on the island (Kumharas - review coming very soon but take it from us, we're delighted to recommend it) this hotel is a treasure.

Villa of the Week

Villa Can Prats is a spacious, light, well equipped villa with wonderful views over Ibiza's countryside. 4 large double and 1 single bedroom accommodate up to 9 people comfortably.

The finca is surrounded by a lush, well-kept garden and lawn area with BBQ and two pools for adults and children. Ideal for groups and families who wish to spend a peaceful holiday close to many beautiful beaches and Ibiza's famous markets. The picturesque village of San Carlos lies within walking distance and Santa Eulalia is just a short drive away.


7 nights from August 25 to September 1 - before 2,968€, now only 2,478€.

7 nights in September - before 2,065€, now only 1,645€.

Fashion Tip of the Week

Here in Ibiza the temperature is sending the mercury soaring into the mid-30s. We're in for a heatwave. Keep your cool in this summer's biggest fashion colour, white.

White comes in different shades and suits all complexions. For pale skin tones, wear white that has a slightly blue or pink undertone. The more sun kissed your skin gets, the brighter the white you can rock. Accessorize a la Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct with gold and bronze. Please remember your panties though. Keep underwear neutral and classy although a pop of neon or colour is always flirty and fun.

(Follow Leena Bhatti, Fashion Editor for Ibiza Spotlight on Twitter for daily updates and insights)

Club News of the Week

Direct from Stivi, Head of Clubbing for Ibiza Spotlight: -

Season climax in Ibiza! Last week's BBC Radio1 Weekend was huge - have a read of our reviews if you want to know how it went. Basically, peak season means a lot of work for the clubbing team and at the same time, we try to go out a bit less if we do manage to get a night off! We'll need our energy for September you know ;-) But of course, there are great events aplenty, so here are my personal recommendations for the next few days.

Thursday (today!) - make sure you see the Ibiza town fireworks at midnight and then head to Booom! to see the legend that is Danny Tenaglia playing at Circus.

Friday - go see the charming German lady Monika Kruse playing at Music On. I assume she'll open the Main Room, so you can start her night with her and after her set, switch over to the Terrace and carry on with the Music On mastermind Marco Carola.

Saturday - intimate events at Ibiza superclubs? Yes. Kehakuma at Space. With a great line up too, combining international guests and island heroes.

Sunday - It's Space's 24th Birthday so it can only be this one! Celebrate with Fatboy Slim, 2manyDJs, Joris Voorn etc. at We Love!

Monday - Get a full 7 hours trance fix by Armin Van Buuren at his A State Of Trance night at Privilege. His only all night long solo set of the season; this one is not to be missed if you like those melodies!

Tuesday - What about some Solomun? And some David August live? And a lot of neon colours! Diynamic Neon Night at Sankeys it is.

Wednesday - Toss up, either Example's live show at Ibiza Rocks or then Guy Gerber's Wisdom Of The Glove at Pacha, this week with the DOP guys live!"


As is always my pleasure and honour, may I wish you and yours a fantastic weekend!,

Cat Milton.
For and on behalf of Ibiza Spotlight

If you would like to recommend a venue or event to us for review or indeed own or run an event or venue that you think deserves highlighting, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to share the best – if you've got it, let us know! Think IBIZA, think SPOTLIGHT.

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