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Biodanza Ibiza

Are happiness, openness, improved communication skills important to you? They are to Biodanza Ibiza

Biodanza was created in the sixties by a Chilean psychologist and anthropologist by the name of Roland Toro, and the system can now be found in over thirty countries.

So, what exactly is Biodanza?

Well, it has been defined as a "human integration system of organic renewal" and consists of various techniques, including singing, dancing and movement in a group situation, with the aim of connecting deeply to yourself and the rest of the group.

To put it simply, Biodanza is all about happiness, openness, improving relationships and communication skills, and finding the solution to inner conflicts in a harmonious, supportive environment.

Between the 1st and 6th September, Biodanza Ibiza will be taking place at the Cielazul Apartments in Cala Martina and Jordi Oller, one of the organisers with thirty years experience in meditation, Tantra and the development of the Being, took time to explain the motivation behind Biodanza Ibiza.

"We were organising training processes for the Being based on enjoyment," he tells us. "These processes are designed to learn who we want to be. And we all want to be happy people, masters of ourselves, live in peace and enjoy life…We decided to apply the extraordinary results of the participants in our processes to the heavenly Ibiza environment, and to explore the island immersed in this context."

The six day programme consists of very powerful activities, such as Tantra, Yoga, Dynamic Meditation, Ecstatic Dance and Coaching, combined with outings and parties, giving participants the opportunity to undergo positive life-changing processes, whilst meeting new people, getting to know the real Ibiza and having a different kind of holiday.

Through "JOY OF BEING" Jordi and his team aim to create good quality residential events based on the developing of the Being, and they also have a special Tantric-coaching programme coming up in October at Agroturismo, Atzaro.

In addition to this, they are also planning to bring a powerful one-week holiday process that has already been running for five years in Tarragona to Ibiza's shores - "Coaching para ser feliz, Vacaciones del Ser" (Coaching for happiness, Holidays of the Being).

"Ibiza is already a center of consciousness, creativity and unity of people from Europe and all over the world," says Jordi. "We want to promote this type of intelligent tourism, in which, apart from enjoying the sun, beach and party, we can also become aware of ourselves and the world, and contribute in the best way."

Further details of Biodanza Ibiza can be found on their website.

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