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Charity - Samasound Association

Music Healing for Cancer Patients - Across summer, Ibiza Spotlight is proud to be hi-lighting the islands charities and associations. This week, Samasound!

The Samasound Association was founded in 2007 by Bettina Maureen, an internationally certified sound healer, teacher, traveler, unique musician and shamanic practitioner with accreditation in sound, voice and music healing from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California.

Born in New York, Bettina grew up in Syria and Germany where she worked for many years in the music business. Her love of travelling led her, over the years, through Central and South America, Asia, Australia, Israel and Europe where she experienced many different traditions and cultures, all of which she was able to weave into her musical expertise. But it was during a journey to Varanasi, India, that Bettina decided to devote her life to music.

In 2007, whilst living in Ibiza, Bettina was invited to play her music at the home of the Director of the Child Welfare Scheme…and it was this event that provided the inspiration to create Samasound.

After receiving her first official donation from the Child Welfare Scheme, Bettina and her team of dedicated and talented musicians, sound therapists and volunteers, began their work, offering sound healing to elderly people, cancer patients, alzheimer sufferers and children with special needs, by playing and providing weekly sound healing sessions regularly at the children's care home, Hogar Mare del Remei in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, and also at the Cas Serres Residential Hospital in Ibiza.

"I do believe that sound and music is the medicine for the healing of the human heart," says Bettina, and certainly the results of the sound healing sessions are very positive. Reduction of stress, nervousness and anxiety, lightening of mood and emotional state, strengthening of the immune system and increased self-esteem are amongst the noticeable benefits for those being introduced to the world of music and sound healing.

In 2011 Samasound was officially registered as a non-profit organisation in Ibiza, and now focuses its work on the project at the Cas Serres Residential Hospital in Ibiza, and the extension of the work with adult and children cancer patients in the United States.

"We wish to give sound healers and healing musicians the opportunity to bring out their soul-based vision and be part of Samasound for the higher good, and to participate together to support raising awareness within humanity and bring it into action." Bettina explains.

As for the future, the focused goal of Samasound is to get sound and music healing recognised as a complementary medicine in the medical institutions and to continue the studies and research within the field of vibrational medicine in collaboration with medical doctors.

Also keen to expand and extend the work into other countries, Bettina is currently based in California where she is developing the work of Samasound in the United States. The ultimate aim is to collaborate with other Associations and to find reliable sources to finance their projects in order that patients can continue to enjoy and benefit from sound and music healing.

More information about this wonderful organisation and the services that they offer can be found at Samasound Association and Sound Music Healing for Cancer Patients

Image courtesy of Samasound

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