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Art and Stars Ibiza

The massive World Travel Market trade fair is currently taking place

The massive World Travel Market trade fair is currently taking place in London, England and of course Ibiza and the Balearic Islands are well represented there.

One side of Ibiza that is being heavily marketed is its winter tourism – from sports to gastronomy to history. Unlike previous years the tourist authorities have a new weapon in their armoury now – the number of five star hotels which have just opened or are about to. To achieve five star status a hotel has to be open all year which is just what the economy needs to kickstart more visits to our green and pleasant island during the mild off season.

In the very recent past we've seen the opening of new five star establishments like the Fenicia in Santa Eulalia, The Mirador in Dalt Vila and the S'Argamassa Palace near Santa Eulalia is in the process of upgrading from four to five stars.

Almost ready to open is the Ibiza Gran Hotel, built by the same people from Ibiza's casino, which will become only the sixth 'Art' hotel in the world. From its entrance hall to each of its 157 loft style suites the walls and spaces will be a 'living container of contemporary art.' Sixteen artists from Ibiza and the rest of the world have been chosen to exhibit their works here.

Across the island, the Aguas de Ibiza Hotel in Santa Eulalia has its own representatives at the WTM. Called the Best Urban Oasis in the Mediterranean the family owned hotel situated next to the new Congress Palace has 112 suites and a 1500 square metre Spa and will surely benefit from the congresses held nearby.

Will they be a key part in extending Ibiza's season? We certainly hope so.

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