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San José Gymkhana orienteering race in Cala Conta

Fun activity for the whole family.

dom 28 mar, 2021
Desde: 10:00

Dónde: Cala Conta (Platges de Comte)

It is a popular, family run, and non-federated race that consists of an orienteering race-style track search using a map. The race is always done in pairs, it is divided into two categories. The objective is to complete the route, identify and solve the hidden clues that in this race will be related to the environment.

The start is in the Cala Conta area and from there you have to run or walk to the areas where the tracks have been hidden, guiding you by a map that the organization gives you at the start of the race.

The duration to complete the tour will be from 40 minutes to two hours approximately. The race is suitable for all ages since each team must adjust their rhythm to their level and we also propose two circuits of different difficulties for those who come with younger children. Each category will have a different age group.

For more information and inscriptions head here.

Cala Conta (Platges de Comte)

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