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Live music in Villa Mercedes Restaurant

From flamenco to jazz and groove to live DJ sets!


Cada jueves, domingo desde 1 ago 2019 hasta 29 sep 2019
Desde: 20:00

Dónde: Villa Mercedes, San Antonio, Ibiza

The luxurious Villa Mercedes restaurant, located in the marina of San Antonio, hosts daily music events live from their beautiful terrace.

Throughout August they showcase many different music styles and highlights include:

- Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays: live DJ sets with DJ Toni French, DJ Fabiano or DJ James Reid or DJ Erik Hagleton.
- Thursdays: Flamenco, with the famous islander guitarist Paco Fernández.
- Saturdays: Groove and Jazz with great musicians such as Samuel Pérez.
- Sundays: Flamenco, with Raúl Pérez.

With tapas, cocktails and pairing menus, you're guaranteed great night in this gorgeous restaurant with fantastic views and a marvellous soundtrack.

For more information and reservations, head here.

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