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Family walk with Walking Ibiza

Enjoy a lovely walk with all the family!

Every 3 weeks on jueves from 6 ago 2020 until 22 nov 2020
Desde: 11:00

Dónde: Senderismo | Walking Ibiza

There will be a great, fun game for the kids along the way. We'll provide a drink and yummy snack made for everyone joining. Please bring your own cups. The game is most suitable for kids from 6 – 10 years old, but kids from other ages are welcome to join as well.

ALL CHILDREN MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN. It's the parent/ guardian's responsibility to know where the child is at all times on the walk.

Every time there are different walks with different starting points.

Duration: ca. 2 h

Distance: ca. 5 km

Level: easy

Price: The walks are by donation of €10 per adult / €5 per child.

You must reserve and pay for your walk because of the limited numbers that are allowed at the moment, you can not just turn up.

For more information, reservations and other excursions head to their official website.

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