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E- Bike Weekly Guided Tour with Walking Ibiza

Explore our beautiful island with an e-bike and the experienced guides of Walking Ibiza.

Cada jueves desde 22 oct 2020 hasta 7 ene 2021
Desde: 11:00

Dónde: Senderismo | Walking Ibiza

E-bikes are the future and we are pleased to be now offering weekly guided group tours! With our wonderful guides, that you already know, leading the way and showing you the amazing sights that Ibiza has to offer, all from the comfort of the latest electric mountain bikes.

Rating: easy/medium (You must have experience with bike riding to attend.)

Duration: 2,5 - 3 h

Donation: The excursion is by donation of €39 per person.

Please reserve and pay in advance for your e-bike tour.

Find more information, how to reserve and other excursions in the Walking Ibiza Calendar.

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