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Pukka Up Friday Daytime VIP Boat Party From Ibiza Town

Pukka Up's floating luxury party boat. If you haven't already, give this a try.

Pukka Up can safely lay claim to being Ibiza's biggest and most popular boat party, a title they have held for several years now. They run parties on three days across the week from San Antonio and Ibiza Town, with this special VIP boat being the cream of the crop.

Every Friday from 13th June until 19th September you will be able to experience the amazing 5 star Catamaran in full Pukka Up flavour as Pukka Up hold exclusivity on the stylish boat. We're talking a champagne reception, sun loungers (you can see on the photo above) swim stops, snorkelling and free giveaways.

The boat departs from the Ibiza Town port, opposite McDonald's, at 2pm for a three hour cruise of luxury, good music, good company and plenty of direct access to the Ibiza sun we all love, whilst you can continue the party - or take it up a few notches - as you ticket includes entry to Insane, Pacha's quality music focused Friday night party. Details on what your ticket includes is below.

Ticket includes:

- 3 hour luxury VIP sailing catamaran
- Champagne reception
- Canapés on arrival
- Swim and snorkelling stop
- Giveaways on board
- See stunning Salinas beach
- Bed / table service
- Lunch available
- Ibiza House Music
- Entry to Pacha for 'Insane'
- Entry to Pukka Up Breakfast Club at Ocean Beach Ibiza the following day.

Whilst Fridays VIP boat from Ibiza Town offers the same feel of your typical Pukka Up boat party, you can see things are done in a little more style - enjoy this promo video, showing you exactly what to expect.

Important information:

• Your ticket includes the boat party, one free glass of champagne on the boat, entry to Insane at Pacha (before 1am) and entry into Pukka Up Breakfast Club at Ocean Beach Ibiza the following day before 2:30pm.

• The meeting point is Ibiza Town Port (opposite McDonalds, see map below) Please arrive at the boat early, with your printed ticket and ready to board boat. Boat boarding will start from 1:15pm latest. If you don't redeem ticket for wristband by 1:30pm, then your boat entry is not guaranteed.

• The Pukka Up luxury sailing cat leaves from Ibiza Town Port. The boat party runs from 2pm – 5pm approx.

• If you arrive too late to redemption or miss the boat, please take your printed ticket to Pacha no later than midnight to gain entry and pick up your Ocean Beach Ibiza wristband.

• Pukka Up is committed to promoting sensible and responsible drinking, and anyone not adhering to this will not be allowed to board the boats, attend the after party at Pacha or receive a refund.

• Pukka Up reserves the right to change the departure point to San Antonio (transport will be provided) or reschedule the boat party to another time within 24 hours with no refund, due to weather or mechanical problems.

• Anyone arriving at the boat after the above times will not be allowed to board. No entry to the boat unless ticket is exchanged for a wristband. Travel on the daytime boat party is at your own risk. The vendor accepts no responsibility for any injuries sustained while on board, although the boat is insured under Spanish law.

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