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Editors' Choice - 01st August 2013

A Must Read for Ibiza Virgins to experienced visitors - the real Ibiza, each week, every week for Summer 2013.

To Live Well.

I think in this day and age, most of us would be familiar with the phrase 'Money doesn't buy happiness' - and all the associated continuations of the quote thereafter (eg. 'but it sure helps')

In a similar vein, the Roman philosopher Seneca once observed "To live well is found everywhere", meaning that we should and can be as happy in the grey of London as we are in the sunshine and vibrancy of Ibiza...

Perhaps he was more spiritually and emotionally advanced than I but truth of the matter is, for me at least, that life's beauty is so much easier to breathe in and celebrate on Ibiza.

Sure, if I set my mind and heart to it, I may one day achieve the sense of contentment in London that Ibiza affords me effortlessly. However, I cannot help but smile and think 'To live well is found everywhere but on Ibiza, easier so.'

I think this is what visitors tend to find for themselves. Just a two hour flight from London (Ryanair famously like to say it's two and a half hours so they can always arrive within scheduled time, with that furiously annoying trumpeting - although as the years have passed, I now smile for if nothing else, it signals both getting off the (dratted) flight and arriving home, rather than 'Whoopee, these guys are good')

Ibiza inspires a rare loyalty and appreciation in such a magnificent cross section of society. From spiritualists to socialites, couch surfers to Heads of State, fitness fanatics to flash-in-the-pan Famous and the truly accomplished. With her unique positioning in Europe, celebrated and craved by civilisations across time, her beauty of waters and mountains, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, her warmth of welcome, her wealth of the best of everything from Super Clubs to some of the Worlds finest restaurants, it is little wonder that Ibiza is so highly vaunted.

Yes, 'to live well is found everywhere' but on Ibiza, easier so, I think.

Come and explore the magic for yourself!

Things To Do.

Village of San Juan.

In keeping with 'money doesn't buy happiness', so too can you explore the magic of the island without spending a penny and yet feel so much richer for the experience. In our series 'Exploring Ibiza', we celebrate that very ethos and this week took a closer look at the village of San Juan - truly beautiful.

Always Wanted to Join in a Traditional Spanish Fiesta? Now's your chance!

With food and dancing, fireworks and fun, Patron Saints Day(s) of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves is one not to miss this week.

Alternatively, perhaps a Holistic Bed and Breakfast Retreat would suit? Check out our review of Access Mind, Body and Soul. Please feel free to contact them for details of their forthcoming retreat 10th-17th August.

Of course, whatever your taste or interest, Ibiza Spotlights Calendar is famed far and wide by guests to the island. If it's worth knowing about, you'll find it here - Ibiza Spotlight What's On / Events Calendar.

Restaurant of the Week.

Image courtesy of Tamas Kooning Lansbergen - Bambuddha 2013

Last year Bambuddha restaurant was voted one of the islands Top Five restaurants of the year... This year they announced a venue refurbishment and a menu change... We were nervous, to say the least. Honestly, we couldn't understand why - it had been so super as it was. An island institution for those who appreciate the best, whilst mingling with the super cool. So, we went along to see if it was a disaster or a delight... Bambuddha Restaurant 2013

Villa of the Week - Special Offer!

Villa Sa Tanca is a comfortable, quality villa, ideal for families with older children, comprising 3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Wi-Fi, a fantastic pool area with a pergola, bbq and pizza oven. A local supermarket within walking distance provides all basic produce and Ibiza Town, Santa Eulalia and many beautiful beaches are a mere 5 to 15 minute drive away.

Last Minute Offer for August - before 490 euros, now only 390 euros per night!

Hotel of the Week.

Holidays for many of us are much looked forward to, carefully budgeted affairs and wanting to be sure we've chosen the right location and accommodation is a huge part of the process. With some 30 years experience in the business, we understand this and each week offer you the 'Hotel of the Week' where we look not just at the accommodation but the immediate vicinty - life just got easier and hopefully your holiday, better!

This week, we tell you about Sol Bahia Apartments in San Antonio - we've checked them out personally.

Fashion Tip of the Week.

Leena Bhatti doesn't just know her Fashion but indeed shares the catastrophes of her pre-Fashion days - all in the name of saving you from the same disasters!

"Inspired by King of Flamenco, Paco Fernandez and fuelled by Sangria, I decided to rock a red and black polka dot frilled dress. Now wiser and more fashion savvy I can happily indulge my love of La Isla Bonita without being offered a spot as a children's entertainer. This year the catwalks were a riot of Flamenco inspired fashion.

From the sexy, black, thigh-high frills of Balenciaga to the Ralph Lauren inspired Bolero jackets. Frills too much? Embrace the look with a fringed embroidered shawl, gold chandelier earrings, a flower in your hair and sultry passionate red lips."

Clubbing Tips of the Week

Direct from Spotlights own Head of Clubbing, Stivi: -
"It's one of (if not THE) biggest weeks in Ibiza and every night holds a few absolute crackers ready for you - highlights this week are...

Thursday: the biggest two events are Cream Ibiza's Birthday party at Amnesia - this will be a sell out! or then ENTER. at Space, this week with the Visionquest gang taking over la Terraza (and obviously Richie Hawtin taking care of proceedings in the Discoteca). Also, Cream are throwing one of their rare Ibiza Sunset Cruises and Paul Van Dyk is confirmed for a full three hour set out on the sea! Speaking of boat parties, the legend that is Marshall Jefferson plays on the Lost In Ibiza boat as well. Decisions, decisions...

Friday: the BBC Radio 1 Ibiza Weekend begins with the traditional free party, held at Ushuaïa from 5pm till midnight (with live broadcast from 8pm onwards). Info on where to get the wristbands will be published here on Friday midday. After that, head either to Sankeys for Flying Circus or to Pacha for Insane.

Saturday: Yeah, BBC Radio 1 again. This time with a gigantic one-off Cream night at Privilege. This is simply the biggest night of the summer - 'nuff said.

Sunday: Underworld - one of the world's most acclaimed electronic music acts - play LIVE at We Love. Plus a lot of other great guests on the line up too! Then you got Solomun +1 at Pacha, a night with an amazing vibe I can report. If you're a fan of Avicii though, here comes your double whammy this Sunday - first he plays at Ushuaïa, his regular Sunday Ibiza residency, and then he makes his way over to Amnesia for the Avicii Ibiza Takeover. Big.

Monday: Either go see Maya Jane Coles playing at Hypercolour at Sankeys or then get your Cocoon fix - Ricardo Villalobos and Sven Vath both playing on the Terrace!

Tuesday: A bit of a special edition for Carl Cox as he'll be playing the Terraza at Space instead of the Discoteca. Don't go if you're claustrophobic, but with Coxy, Fanciulli, Squillace and Guti, this is probably just too good to say no!

Wednesday: Check out Paradise, this week with Richie Hawtin alongside host Jamie Jones."


As is always my pleasure and honour, may I wish you and yours a fantastic weekend!,

Cat Milton.
For and on behalf of Ibiza Spotlight

If you would like to recommend a venue or event to us for review or indeed own or run an event or venue that you think deserves highlighting, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to share the best – if you've got it, let us know! Think IBIZA, think SPOTLIGHT.

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