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SPTL146: Pedestrian

The talent behind 'Hoyle Road' is up this week - taking us all on a musical odyssey of funk, soul and disco.

The Mix

Talk us through the track selection of the mix.

"I just basically imagined myself at a poolside party and selected the tracks I would want to hear. It's a mix of a load of different styles that I really love and have been listening to recently."

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"It was recorded at home where I record all my mixes with my usual set up of CDJ's, 1210's, Kaoss Pad, RMX1000 and peppered with some computer trickery."

What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this podcast?

"I grew up listening to a lot of funk, soul, blues and disco amongst other things and we'd always have that sort of thing playing at family BBQ's so I really associate that kind of music with sunshine, summer and fun times. My love for electronic music has helped shape my own sound so I wanted to reflect that in this mix."

The Plug

What is keeping you busy at the moment? How are things on the production front? You've a new release on the horizon is that right?

"I'm the busiest I've ever been at the moment, which is a great and I love it. My touring schedule is taking up a lot of my time along with writing music and fulfilling remix requests. Other than loving DJing in clubs its been an amazing opportunity to meet a lot of artists on the bill who I look up to and tell me how much they're in to what I'm doing. Their support is a huge motivator. I've also recently set up a studio in Camden, which has helped no end with productivity. That's right, I've got a release forthcoming on 2nd Drop Records on the 29th July, ‘Kalakuta / Ndizi'. The feedback has been amazing so far and I'm really proud of the release."

Also, you're track 'Hoyle Road' has been doing the rounds for a while now, I think Zabiela dropped a few of the remixes including the SpectraSoul mix at We Love a few Sundays ago. Feeling pretty good about the love on for this one I imagine?

"Yeah, it's been mind-blowing! The record's done really well so far and the remix package has definitely strengthened the release. I can't big up the Born Electric guys enough for the time and effort they've put into making sure the record was done right. One of the best things about working with them is that they have a perfect balance between friendship and professionalism; it's a real is a pleasure to be working with them."

The track is all you isn't it? Vocals and all - although I didn't think it was you? If so, do you plan to feature your vocals across many of your future tracks?

"That's right, everything is me, writing, playing, mixing etc. Despite the common misconception it's Sampha on vocals! I'll definitely be doing more vocal stuff on future tracks, not everything though. Maribou State and I have a very interesting new project that we are extremely excited about and I will be featuring on vocals quite heavily with that. Watch this space…"

Cool. Also really digging the music video to the track, how important do you think they are for promoting music these days?

"Thanks, I'm really happy with how it turned out and I think it fits the story and mood of the song perfectly. Shout out to Connor Hollman and Jake Mavity for that. I mean, I don't think videos are essential but it helps you access slightly different audiences that you may not have otherwise, especially with the growing popularity of various YouTube channels and videos going viral on social networks."

You played We Love on the Sunday just gone, how was the party? I missed it - gutted.

"It was incredible, I feel very lucky for my first gig in Ibiza to be in the main room at Space and to be playing for such an institution, as is ‘We Love'. I'm not going to lie though it was pretty daunting! It's a massive room and an infamous club. It all went really well fortunately and I've been receiving amazing feedback from my set! I'm also really looking forward to playing Zoo Project this Saturday where I'll be doing a 3 hour B2B with Maribou State so you can catch my set then!"

I don't know much about this, but I see you're involved with some parties at Dance Tunnel back in London?

"I do, it's called COMM•UNE and I run it with a group of friends involved in the industry somehow, from producers and DJ's to Label guys and bloggers, I won't mention any names though as we want to keep it low key. The ethos of the night is no line-ups, no facebook events, hand written invites and it's always free on the door. We just want it to basically be a house party vibe at a really good, small club, without a lot the bullshit that goes with event promotion. We get great DJ's to come and play whatever they like, for however long they like. For instance I did a b2b with James Zabiela for 3 hours at the last one that was lots of fun."


'I never seem to be in the same place for very long' says Jack, explaining how he spent time as a youngster with his family in the Middle East before moving back to England where, again, home was never set in stone for very long. It seems the time spent moving around in his formative years subsequently created a thirst for travel and a keenness to embrace a variety of musical styles; ultimately carving out a broad horizon of both creative open mindedness and functional flexibility, consistently present in his DJ sets and recorded mixes.

The task of pigeon holing is made ever harder by the injection of such diversity into Pedestrian's style of production, warranting various accolades from the likes of Bonobo, Throwing Snow and Gilles Peterson. This continued support earned Jack a feature on Brownswood's 'Bubblers 6' compilation with his solo debut 'Hei Poa', which was later officially released via 'strength to strength' imprint Push & Run. Further support and consistent radio plays of tracks such as 'Mask', a collaborative effort with Maribou State released on Pets Recordings, only continues to bolster this vein of the young artists creative output. At the opposite end of the spectrum, his remix of 2nd Drop affiliate Djrum's 'Mountains Pt.1' has received wide spread and continual rotation from dance floor heavyweights Dark Sky, James Zabiela, Foamo and Dirtybird aficionado's to name but a few; securing Pedestrian as an advocate for versatility.

2013 provides new ventures into unexplored terrain, not only with bookings but releases on new labels, namely James Zabiela's imprint 'Born Electric'. The debut single, entitled 'Hoyle Road', comes delivered in all formats along with a hard hitting package of remixers, such as Falty DL, SpectraSoul and Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka, with an EP to follow. Meanwhile, Jack continues to expand on previous relationships with a 2nd Drop 12" following up on 'Sliding Down Rainbows', featured on the ever-impressive labels 'Future Foundations' compilation and a second EP on Push & Run later in the year.

Evidently, 2013 signals further amplification for an already prosperous Pedestrian.

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