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Temas más populares de Ibiza, DJs favoritos, y un viaje en el tiempo por la autopista de la música

El centro mundial de la música electrónica durante 4 meses al año, en Ibiza es donde nacen los éxitos y se forjan las carreras de los djs. Te damos nuestra opinión sobre lo que consideramos fundamental y lo que no.

Artículos recientes

MUSIC | Album review: 25 Years of Perfecto Records
Hace 6 días
Paul Oakenfold presents his label's best and brightest over the years.
MUSIC | Album of the week: Laszlo 'Cartoon Hero'
Hace 6 días
Playful, evocative and experimental, Cartoon Hero is a direct wormhole to childhood in the 80s.
MUSIC | Album review: Noir 'Noir'
Hace 2 semanas
Transcending the techno genre...
MUSIC | Album of the week: Joey Negro + Sean P 'Supafunkanova 2'
Hace 3 semanas
From the brassy stabs of the first few seconds one feels the power and energy behind this historic...
MUSIC | Album of the week: Dance Spirit 'The Sun Also Rises'
Hace 4 semanas
Sultry, harmonious and a little melancholy, Dance Spirit has produced an evocative debut LP.
MUSIC | EP review: Cristoph 'Consequence of Society'
Hace 1 mes
This could be the year that shapes where Cristoph is heading.
MUSIC | Top 10 releases: February 2015
Hace 1 mes
Producers emerge bleary-eyed from winter studio hibernation and the great new tunes roll out with...
MUSIC | EP review: Soiree 'Future Ambience EP'
Hace 1 mes
Soiree showcases its diversity combining four well selected releases.
MUSIC | EP review: Rights 'The Meaning'
Hace 1 mes
Rights blend upbeat ambience and trap-inspired dancefloor breakdowns to create an EP ahead of its...
MUSIC | Album of the week: Jon Hopkins 'Late Night Tales'
Hace 1 mes
Jon Hopkins delves into the deepest, most ethereal depths of his mind to blend 21 ambient cuts into...
MUSIC | Album review: Needwant 'Journeys'
Hace 1 mes
Escape. Sleep. Relax. Repeat.
MUSIC | Album review: Butch 'Watergate 18'
Hace 1 mes
Butch's own productions form a highlight of this well-constructed sonic session.
PODCAST | SPTL187: Dino Lenny
Hace 1 mes
Electronic music's wizard drops a 2 hour exclusive mix for Spotlight.
MUSIC | EP review: Dino Lenny 'This Is Not The End'
Hace 1 mes
An unpredictable, yet satisfying soundscape created by one of the most diverse producers around.
MUSIC | Album review: SCNTST 'Puffer'
Hace 1 mes
Ambient crossed with techno, with bass and break beats occasionally manifesting in between waves...
MUSIC | Album of the week: Joseph Capriati 'Fabric 80'
Hace 1 mes
Capriati selects some of house and techno's finest cuts as Fabric's doors remain open.


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