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Ibiza's Gene Pool

With a history as rich and multicultural as Ibiza's

With a history as rich and multicultural as Ibiza's, you'd expect the genetic make-up of its population to be just as diverse. Well, it is – sometimes! A recent study published in the American Journal of Human Genetics has shown some surprising results.

A collaboration between universities in the USA, UK, Spain and the Lebanon tracked the genes of the Mediterranean's kings of commerce 2000 years ago, the Phoenicians.

The results show that around 6% of people dwelling in the Mediterranean basin today have traces of Phoenician genes – demonstrating that the Phoenicians brought more than just salt to the area!

However, the odd thing about Ibiza is that only the female population of the island has these genes and not a single male (statistically) has any Phoenician inheritance!

Now that's strange.

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