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Bongo’s Bingo heads to Ibiza Rocks

Looking for a full house poolside.

The crazy clubbing concept Bongo's Bingo is back for a third season in 2019, this time in an exciting new venue. The British brand is setting up shop poolside as it moves to the famous Ibiza Rocks Hotel from the end of May. Expect the madness levels to be raised to new levels this summer.

If you haven't been to Bongo's Bingo before, then prepare yourself for the most insane party experience in Ibiza. The party blends together a traditional bingo game with dance-offs, rave intervals, plus plenty of banter. If you think this is a bizarre mix, you'll soon find that it is a daytime amusement like no other.

Bring all of this into the place that's built its reputation as “home of the pool party”, you have a big recipe for success. Expect masses of confetti and prizes galore as you soak up the sunshine. Then take a dunk in the pool with a cocktail in hand after scoring a full house.

Bongo's Bingo is back for 17 (dancing queen) weeks from Wednesday 29 May until 25 September. Make sure you add this party extravaganza to your Ibiza holiday checklist and head below for more details and to get tickets.

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