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Time Warp: Mannheim 2013

2013 teaser trailer to watch too, which is nice.

Boasting three festivals across three countries each year, Timewarp has racked up enough 'cool points' to justify its position as one of the most respected electronic music festivals there is. The big one in Mannheim, Germany, acts as a warm up for the Ibiza season in April. These festivals are very much a coming together of like-minded techno purists, showcasing the very best the scene has to offer alongside world class sound, video, lighting and laser production.

The lineup for Mannheim is yet to be announced, but assume all the great techno acts will be there, Hawtin and the ENTER. massive included. So, if techno is your thing then Mannheim in April is where you should be. All with a few weeks break before you all jet off to see us in Ibiza, of course.

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