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Guy Gerber launches Wisdom of the Glove at Pacha

Check out the preview of this party at Pacha tonight!

Tonight is the night that Guy Gerber begins his new residency at a newly reformed Pacha, with support from Deniz Kurtel. We recently spoke with Steve Hulme, Pacha's programming director and artist booker, regarding this, which you can read here, and although the main parties won't kick off until the opening, this is an opportunity for those already on the island to see what all this talk about wisdom and gloves is really all about.

Certainly the theme seems very trippy in nature, with phrases like 'delve deep into the rabbit hole' and 'theatre of the surreal' being mentioned, which for most is a major departure from the the norm of Pacha in previous years. So there is no doubt that this is an exciting development for both the club and the island as a whole.

Wisdom of the Glove will open officially on 22nd May, continuining every Wednesday until the closing on 2nd October, with the man Guy Gerber at the helm of the party. The environment is based around magicians, puppeteers and other glove wearing artistes of the mysterious pursuasion moving around a 'centrifugal glove-shaped force in the shape of a £150,000 single glove.'

Artists set to be involved in the party include Actress, John Talabot, Matthew Dear, Shaun Reeves and Deniz Kurtel – who brings an exclusive light installation to Pacha for his Wisdom Of The Glove set. Expect to be soothed by a mix of melodies and techno, keeping around the deeper sound that Pacha is now gearing itself towards.

"It's the first time I have been here in the off season so it's quite a change. Tonight you're going to get a musical insight into the direction I'm taking the party down for the summer. I have some new tracks which I'm going to test out as well. It will be a good chance to see the team and we can see how the night pans out. When I signed the contract I didn't know who else was involved really. Solomun and John (Digweed) are good friends of mine so it's really nice to have that family vibe. There also seems to have been a huge focus on the changes at Pacha in general which has gained a lot of positive momentum. Everyone is talking about the changes. I also have a lot of my friends playing for Wisdom of the Glove and it will be nice to see how we all get on in the new DJ booth."
- Guy Gerber

Wonderfully wierd, we'll let you know how it goes tonight! Tickets available from Spotlight now.

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