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Review: Music On at Amnesia


After having one of my best nights on the island both musically and euphorically last night I am left with only one question... why haven't I been to Marco Carola's Music On night sooner? No excuse.

I was admittedly a little sceptical at first when I was faced with a less than half filled main room way past 2am, but as expected when 3am passed the crowd had multiplied without me even noticing and my previous box-step dancing space had soon become nothing more but a spot to carry out my best side shuffle. With Marco Carola doing a solid 9 hour set in the terrace I felt content in spending a good section of my time in the Main room appreciating the fruits of the line-up, as I was still surely going to get good amount of time in the terrace later on. With Joseph Capriati, Maetrik and Carlo Lio hosting the main room both Amnesia dance-floor were pulling in a strong crowd; musically entwined but also able to stand out alone, both the main room and the terrace embraced a warm 'shiny happy people holding hands' buzz and provided nothing but quality sounds throughout the night.

Maetrik for me was hands down the winner for best set last night (Carola excluded as his 9 hour effort must be appreciated separately), excitedly pumping out some strong, sexy techno beats until half past 4 he had the crowd in the palm of his hands. With the DJ Booth sat to the side of the dance-floor the Music On main room was more of an intimate party and most definitely in tune with the sound, ensuring the room was pumping from start to finish. So caught up in hysteria I joined the masses in flocking to the booth's edge and proceeded to take several (hundred) photos of the man himself and the insanely bass ridden room.

With a constant groovy melody surging through the tracks, Maetrik's sound was blended perfectly, and when paired with his need to sing along to any vocals and unique DJ bounce it was hard not to get sucked into the party vibe. Splashes of vocals and jungle explosions of synths and drums; he created a musical rainbow which was firmly anchored by a big droning bassline. Taking the music from the upbeat to the more deep and sexy techno with tracks such as Caller ID - Nic Fanciulli and The Reason (Maetrik), Maetrik was the core of the party and everything from the position of the DJ Booth to the lighting emphasised this.

After enjoying the playground of jaw clenching fist pumps that Maetrik had created, Joseph Capriati took over and the only way possible to do so impressively was by sounding out of this world - and that's exactly what he did. An eerie sci-fi interlude built up into a huge crowd adoring drop encouraged by the sound of trumpets, ensuring that the main room party continued without a pause. Honestly having to drag myself away from my new haven, I ventured into the packed terrace and within a matter of seconds was eaten by a melodic drone and Balearic sounds that were infused with soft female vocals, bongos and a strong, palpitating bassline.

Dancing into the sunlight with Carola and a sea of techno whores it was clear that no one was planning on leaving as 7am approached and the crowd hadn't dwindled in the slightest. Open for an additional 2 hours especially for Carola's 'all night' long session, the terrace was pumping with a fresh energy which could be considered pretty rare for this stage of the night. Feeling club heat and sweat like never before but simply not caring it really was 'all about the music' - which was clearly stated across the back wall display, just incase we forgot. As red lasers loomed over the terrace a continuos synthline of percussion and bass created the famous techno sounds that Marco Carola is known and loved for.

Having recently thrown his free Music On the Beach party at La Plague and now whacking out a 9 hour long set for the masses, there is no stopping Carola right now. After enjoying his new party to the max last night I have found my new Friday night stomping ground. Solid effort all round... see you next week!

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