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Review: Cream 18th Birthday, 2nd August

Sold out AGAIN and one hell of a party...

I'll say it, coz' I know we're all thinking it - if Cream Ibiza has just turned 18, how have they got away with drinking until now? I hope they haven't been breaking any laws, because that's naughty. Tut tut.

Suffice to say though, Thursdays birthday celebration was big, even by Cream's standards. It feels like I'm down there most weeks saying the same thing; "I don't think I've ever seen it this busy, have you ever seen it this busy? Man, it's busy...", especially in reference to the terrace, which gets so packed a simple journey from stage to VIP requires a good 30 minute stop-off at the bar to refresh and restock on energy for the rest of the journey - I'm pretty sure the official venue capacity was at least reached, or most likely smashed into tiny, sweaty pieces.

Oh, how it gets sweaty in that place for Cream... But then that's how a rave should be isn't it? Even those lucky to be rich enough they can bathe themselves in champagne and money up in V-VIP go mad for it, such is the raw energy of a Calvin Harris / Laidback Luke combination. I mean, it was always going to be a massive week for Team Cream / The Cream Team (whichever catchy name you prefer) with their Birthday, and the party for Radio 1's weekend in Ibiza tonight at Privilege, but then couple all this with a lineup that is guaranteed to satisfy and you've got yourself a winner.

It's strange, for many parties at Amnesia now the 'main room' is not neccessarily the actual Main Room. More often than not the Terrace fills the role of main clubbing space, drawing the larger portion of the crowd. I guess the likes of Calvin and Luke are really current in their popularity and style, using the broad appeal of the music they play to their advantage - meaning they can pack out one of the best clubs and parties in the world, whilst still releasing tracks into the commercial charts with huge success. I think Calvin recently had three productions in the charts or something - which surely shows the level they are at at the moment.

Cream, like anyone, knows this and made a great decision in booking them for the Birthday. Tracks that have been roadtested and loved - such as Avicii's 'Levels', Calvin & Rihanna 'We Found Love', SHM 'Save The World', Guetta 'Titanium', Congorock 'Ivory', Benny Benassi 'Cinema', Avicii & Nicky Romero 'Nicktim' and Calvin's latest sure fire dancefloor destroyer (boom boom!) 'We'll Be Coming Back' featuring the vocals of a certain Example - all featured. I mean take a look at the photos, you couldn't see anyone's faces for all the arms and hands in the air. Utter carnage!

Over to the Main Room then as Eddie Halliwell and Paul Van Dyk took control of the reigns for the night. The pair of them have been in rare form the last few times I've seen them play at Cream. Whatever brand of Hierbas it is the hospitality girls give to them throughout the night, I want it, because they just go daft! If Paul isn't winding up the lighting technician with fake drops for the ice canon to be set off to, then Eddie is turning the music off and egging on the crowd in some comical northern England accented manner. It all reflects really positively on their peformance though. So often you'll see a DJ turn up, do their set with some clearly forced arm raises and barely believable grins, and leave. These two clearly see Thursdays at Cream as an excuse to party, and get paid for it... which is great. The crowd feeds off the DJ's enthusiasm, of which there was plenty!

Between Eddie and Paul some proper main room tracks got smashed out on the monster V-Prof soundsystem - Nicky Romero's 'Toulouse', Third Party 'Thank You', Paul's own remix of 'Hurts - Sunday' and a further variety of Paul's own beautiful tracks, all of which have these great breakdowns and angelic vocals. That to me, is what trance should be, whether or not many DJ's play what would strictly be called 'trance' is another matter, but the euphoria of it all is infectious nonetheless.

So, another fine Cream outing for me there, with plenty of great moments to reflect on before tonights big one over at Privilege for the Radio 1 weekend. I think the team will have earnt a much needed day off come Sunday, before it all kicks off again for next Thursdays event. Non stop fun courtesy of Cream - thanks very much guys.

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