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The Juice... with Omid 16B

More twisting and squeezing as Omid16b profiles his latest release.

The Plug

Tell us about the concept for the compilation?

The idea is to introduce the ALOLA label to whole new audience apart from
the existing fan base. Without going down the typical path, we've decided to
get some of our favourite DJs to mix the material available and by adding
their own productions it makes it a wider concept for Alola and the artists
involved. This way, we introduce everything again from vinyl to digital but
wisely and slowly instead of throwing it all out there at once, by
staggering back catalogue releases.

How did you decide what made the cut for the compilation?

Having an idea of what you want in the first place is important. When I
decided to do mine I wanted the future to be represented, so I included
tracks that are to be released rather than tracks that are already out there
on vinyl. I included a few released tracks by other Alola artists, such as
Anthony Teasdale, Pete Moss and Eli Nissan, which are some of my favourite
tracks on Alola.

Your mix seems to contain a lot more 'new and unreleased' tracks than
Demi's, have you just been busier in the studio?

Almost 3 years now without taking a day break! Either in the studio or on
tour, but without swimming every morning I'd probably have a mental
breakdown! I've got a special project I'm working on, which may lead to
a score for a film and be my first composition in that sense. Otherwise,
yes, I'm in the studio as much as possible when I'm not on the road.

Why did you decide to re-release the whole catalogue digitally?

It would be a shame not to let anybody else except the 12” vinyl generation have an insight to what the label is offering. It's music of high nature and very influential and the generation of today needs that to fuel the future. We are not like some labels who release constantly, we take pride in every release and treat it with love and respect. It's not a numbers game, it's a movement from the soul outwards.

The Issues

What's the future for concepts like compilations within dance music?

Well that's what we are trying to do, add something fresh and new to the
whole concept by having the DJs who mix the compilations get more involved by adding their own material merged with other artists, almost like a wider collaboration and more interestingly a sense of unification with everything, all of them and every year.

Are genres important in electronic music?

Only so you can break down the barriers. Nobody with a real love for music
would ever stick to one genre. I feel every genre has something to offer and
now more than ever DJs are feeling it's cool to merge genres rather than
stick to one style.

How do you make timeless music and does good music have to be timeless?

Timeless music is music that has no limitations. It's a constant flow of energy without being contained in any way. You couldn't make a timeless
track if you tried but once in a while your energy and heart is in a timeless place and it all starts to pour out of you in a timeless manner and that's when the music you make becomes timeless. Good music doesn't have to be timeless, but timeless music is always good!

What current trends in dance music culture annoy you?

Not much actually, I try not to waste time getting annoyed by anything. If
I'm not feeling it, I'll do something else until I'm happy! Omid.x


OMID 16B presents SOUNDS LIKE ALOLA – Volume 1 – ALOD001

01. Omid 16B - The Boy That Never Sleeps (new and unreleased 2011)
02. Pete Moss - Give You Love (back cat. 2003)
03. Eli Nissan - Uplifting Blues (back cat. 2001)
04. Omid 16B - Sky As A (new and unreleased 2011)
05. Omid 16B - Evo Lustation (new and unreleased 2011)
06. Anthony Teasdale - Santa Monica (back cat. 1999)
07. Omid 16B - It Doesn't Have To End (new unreleased mix)
08. Omid 16B - Re-Arranged (new and unreleased 2011)
09. Omid 16B - Jungle Home (new and unreleased 2011)
10. Omid 16B - 3am (new and unreleased 2011)
11. SexOnSubstance - Leads To Love (new and unreleased 2011)
12. Omid 16B - Who Are You? (new and unreleased 2011)
13. Omid 16B - At Night (new and unreleased 2011)

DEMI presents SOUNDS LIKE ALOLA – Volume 2 – ALOD002

01. House of 909 - Blandford Superfly (back cat. 2002)
02. Pete Moss - Strive to Live (Omid 16B Mix) (back cat. 2003)
03. 16B - Secrets (Late Night Mix) (back cat. 1999)
04. Remote Control - Tranquility Base (back cat. 2003)
05. The Novak Project - Testament (back cat. 1997)
06. Marco Da Mata & Matthew - Dancing With Elephants (new / unreleased 2011)
07. Vince Watson - Beneath The Sound (Powder Beats) (back cat. 2001)
08. Remote Control - 4pm In Frisco (back cat. 2003)
09. Remote Control - Reflexions (back cat. 2003)
10. 16B - 2 Cold (back cat. 2003)
11. NAV - Space Chase (Demi's Back To The Future Edit) (back cat. 1996)
12. Trevor Loveys - The Live Track (unreleased 2011)
13. YMC - Jazzamatic (back cat. 2000)
14. Eli Nissan - Uplifting Blues (back cat. 2001)
15. Vince Watson - Mystical Rhythm (Omid 16B Rmx vs Original Mix) (back cat.
16. SexOnSubstance - Cactus (new and unreleased 2011)

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